Sometimes I wonder if my whole life will pass by this way: me waiting in the shadows, waiting for something to happen. Waiting for someone else to make it happen. Something new or different or crazy and amazing. I‘ve been there for so long, letting everyone else figure it out for me, floating along without much direction or conscious thought. Reacting.
— Sarah Ockler
Saturday, April 1, 2017
12:25 AM
Hello friends :D
It's 12.15AM and I am about to go to bed. I have work tomorrow at 8AM, and this morning I slept at 4AM. I was working on my group assignment until this time and honestly I don't even know how the time flew by so quickly. One minute it was 10PM and next thing I know, it was 4AM????

I think time just seems to slip by when you need more time! I.e. when you're doing assignments LOL

Anyway, the worst thing was, that we spent from 10AM-2PM working on the group assignment, and then we had a 2 hour optics lecture and after that we headed back to the library to work on the assignment. Basically it's like an oral presentation but you don't actually present it in class - you just record it and upload it.

We planned to record it, and finish it off, but unfortunately the recording kept stuffing up! Also it records the lecture slides as well, so I was worried about the referencing. Either way, we attempted the recording twice but it didn't work properly, and by that time it was like 7.30PM so we gave up and went back home. Did I mention that I hadn't even had food since 8AM. No lunch, and so I rushed to make dinner when I got home.

I made kimchi pancake LOL it tastes ok, but David said it looked like a fail :(
Bad thing is, kimchi smells so strongly :/ My housemates were probably like, wtf is that smell? LOLOLOL oh well whatever. I should finish up some of my food.

Also another bad thing about living alone is that you can't eat much of the food. My mum gave me strawberries, and I was going to eat them yesterday but they had started to mould!!! So sad.. I had to throw them all away :( I hate throwing food away .. sigh

Anyway yeah, surprisingly I don't feel too tired despite barely any sleep.. it's crazy. The night before I also stayed up til like 1.30 watching Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. Fuck my life, I have become a crazy teenage girl again whilst watching this drama because the male lead... is ... so........... good looking. Like perfect in a pretty way - as most Korean celebrities are.. I even saved some of his photos onto my phone!! LOL

Anyway, yeah, fuck.

Oh, and one last thing. I drive in the city today!!! It was so scary and stressful, and I kind of fucked up and got beeped at.. but good experience I think LOL could have gone much worse XD Met up with some friends and had ramen for dinner - it was pretty decent but nothing compared to Ichiran in Japan XD Funny thing is, I don't really like driving but driving my friends home today was sort of fun - although I nearly killed Michael awks XD

Oh well.. it's all part of practise.. plus, he didn't die! XD

Goooood night now :)


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