Sometimes I wonder if my whole life will pass by this way: me waiting in the shadows, waiting for something to happen. Waiting for someone else to make it happen. Something new or different or crazy and amazing. I‘ve been there for so long, letting everyone else figure it out for me, floating along without much direction or conscious thought. Reacting.
— Sarah Ockler
Wednesday, March 29, 2017
8:48 PM
Hello everyone :)
Just thought I would update about how things have been so far. Now it is week 4, and so far everything has been pretty good. School is pretty hectic because there are heaps of quizzes and I am constantly studying to keep on top of things (sort of).

I'm getting a little bit lazy but I think it's because I only came back on Tuesday instead of Monday, making my week feel shorter and for some reason making me lazier.

I have an assignment due next week - it's a group one though. I hope we can finish it off soon and hopefully it'll be okay. Okay, I better work on the assignment a bit now.

Take care :)
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