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Monday, August 29, 2016
11:09 AM
Hello! I'm attempting to write more blog posts, so I'm just gonna update on what I did on the weekend!

On Friday, David and I had planned to have a quick dinner and watch 'Train to Busan' in cinemas. The movie was at 7PM and since we finish at 5.30 and it takes almost an hour to get to Glen we decided to eat Maccas in the food court before heading to the movies. I didn't want to eat Maccas because I felt unhealthy but there wasn't many other options and I guess I do crave it sometimes.

I was being fat and decided to get a small Big Mac meal + 6 nuggets LOL I was contemplating whether small was too small.. since I always eat a hell of a lot of fries, but good thing I got small because I was STUFFED after the meal! David decided to ~try something new~ as usual, and upgraded his fries to the new 'gravy loaded fries'.. tasted kind of salty and the gravy was really thick.. I much prefer the one at KFC LOL

Anyway, after the meal we headed to Century City to watch the movie. I was excited for the movie since it was quite hyped up (in Korean media) and also my fav actress Jung Yoo Mi was in it, and Gong Yoo as well. I had also seen a lot of my Facebook friends had gone to see it and enjoyed it so that made me even more excited for it! In the cinema there was like only Asians HAHAHHAHA

The movie was enjoyable, and I'm glad that they focused on one aspect instead of lazily trying to incorporate a million different stories in one. It's basically about a zombie apocalypse LOL.. the movie was intense and David's hands were sweaty HAHAHHAHA Man if that ever happened in real life, I for sure would have turned into a zombie or.. be dead hahah

After the movie we headed to Monash to meet up with Michael for a few drinks. We decided to head to one of KASA's (the Korean culture club at Monash.. which used to be KIMBAP.. which I used to be secretary for) events. I was a bit nervous to go inside because it was booming with music, which is not really what I'm into.. and further there were so many people and I felt awkward to go inside LOL

I felt really old inside. The club has gotten really big and even won Club of the Year in its category and there were heaps of people inside most of them looked quite young.. and me being 23 I was like :/  hahha David Michael and I looked really old.. especially them cuz they were all dressed up in relatively formal wear (work for David and Michael just dresses like that sometimes HAHA) I had changed into relatively casual wear but of course my face was still like 10 million years older than the people there HAHAHAH

Michael bought us a jug of beer, and then also met up with Lily (who is the president of KASA and was for KIMBAP as well). It was fun to catch up with her, and also another incident happened where this random girl came up to Michael and started talking to him because she had met him previously (?).. he of course could not recall at all HAHAHAH

Anyway, pretty much she took him away somewhere and me and David were just sitting there by ourselves wondering when he would return.. 10 minutes passed and we realised we had to save him, but it didn't seem like that was possible so all 3 of us were stuck LOL she was nice but it was awkward and I'm super introverted and awkward so I was just like... uhhhh.... LOL

The night was enjoyable even though the music was loud. It felt sort of nostalgic and familiar being in a 'KIMBAP' sort of environment again.. although I knew like 2 people there (apart from D and M of course). Good to catch up with Lily too. We went home at like 11.30PM because it was getting late and David and I had work the next day.. so yeah.

Had work. It was the same as usual but surprisingly the day was quieter than most Saturdays. One of the optoms was off sick, but luckily not too many patients booked in for that side so it was okay. Glad it was a sort of chillax day because sometimes I really ceebs on Saturdays.

After work we decided to head to Megan's house to eat some polish dumplings or Pierogi they are called. Originally we wanted to head out to a restaurant to eat like Nepalese or Polish food, but turns out the place we had in mind was fully booked so Megan/Bryan went to buy some dumplings for us and cooked it at her house. Michael drove me to Meg's house since David still at work and I ceebs driving.. hahaha

It was the first time I have had any type of Polish food and it was yummy.. like mashed potatoes inside dumpling.. such a Western idea HAHAHAHAHA but Meg also made this bacon onion thing to sprinkle on top and we ate it with sour cream too.. so it was like.. 'baked potato dumplings' like Michael said hahaha really yummy though.

David came after work and brought some takeaway Chinese dumplings too.. we were so full! After dinner we chilled and a few other friends came over to hang out. We watched a bit of Youtube together.. some random llama thing.. it was so retarded.. and we watched some 'old' videos as well to reminisce about the older times. I don't watch Youtube much and I don't really think retarded things are funny.. its just retarded LOL some videos on the internet are so weird and disturbing too.. I don't really enjoy watching those tbh LOL

Anyway we decided to play Pandemic. We played about 3 times because we kept losing.. it's such a hard game to win.. we've only won like once out of the 6 or so times we have played.. it's always so anti climatic because you think you're okay.. and you're about to win.. but nekminit it's like infections spreading everywhere LOL

We went home about 12PM.. tiring

Had to wake up early because we were going to play badminton again! Last week we played as well at Monash for just an hour. I don't usually exercise much but badminton is quite fun. Last week my body was like aching so much - as my body is not used to exercising, but surprisingly this time I don't feel any aching at all.

Anyway, we played for 2 hours this time, it was fun. I am still not very good but I guess practise makes perfect LOLOL I am usually on a team with David because I don't think anyone wants to pair up with me LOL!!! and also I don't want to be the hinderance to anyone hahahha

After badminton we decided to have lunch at Secret Kitchen yumcha in GW. We went to Strike whilst waiting for our 1.30 booking. Some of the guys played pool whilst me and Michael and Bryan played Connect 4. I won all times against Michael and lost again Bryan HAHAHAHA it was fun.

Yumcha was pretty good, after that we went to Nelson's house to hang. We didn't really do much. Just watched Youtube and ate icecream LOL we watched some food travel videos around Korea, and I think it made a lot of our friends want to go back to Kr again hahaha. I hope we can go like next year or so.. it's fun to go with friends, although of course I love going with David as well because it means I can do whatever I want - i.e. shopping HAHHAHAH

We left around dinner time and took M home first, and then David and I headed to Kimchi hut for dinner. David doesn't really like the place because he feels there is nothing he wants to eat, but I guess it's the closest Korean restaurant around so yeah, and the food is okay. I got my usual - soft tofu stew and David got some intestine stew LOL I was so full after dinner.

We went home after and played a bit of Mario 3D world on the wii u with Vicky. Whilst David was setting it up I played a bit of piano. Vicky just completed her 2nd Grade piano exam and I just played a few songs that I learnt in 3rd grade and some other stuff. Vicky was dancing around enjoying my playing (despite the many mistakes I made because obviously I haven't played those songs in ages), and David... my god.. he told me to stop because I WAS GIVING HIM A HEADACHE?!!??!!?!?

I was flabbergasted because although I'm shit at piano I love piano music and listening to it as well, and I always imagined my S.O. to be like 'in awe' or mesmerised at me playing piano (even if it's shit).. sad reality HAHAHAHAHA Oh well.. I guess not much I can do, but I didn't stop playing because fk him lol!!

Anyway we did really well on the wii u and didn't die at all during the map so we actually completed one map in like 1 hour.. usually it takes us ages to complete one and we actually managed to get most of the 'stars' which is awesome LOL it was 9.30 and Vicky had to go to sleep.. and David left soon after.

I was dead tired so I slept at like 10PM.. earliest I have slept in the past 1.5 weeks, exhausting.

Woke up at like 8AM surprisingly. Just talked to Yinnie for a bit in the morning and then Y made me breakfast so I got up. Did my tax return after, and then Dad showed me how to use the washing machine. It's quite an old one and there are a few different steps so I wrote it all down LOL!

My parents and Vicky are going away for 1 month in about 1.5 weeks, so we will have to fend for ourselves and washing clothes is gonna be a big part of it.. I'll probably have to wash them fml LOLOLOL I've typed up the instructions so it should be all good LOL

So just going to spend the rest of my day editing the photos from Daylesford (ages ago), folding the clothes and then packing up my room and watching k-drama of course LOL

man, that was a long ass post.
Have a good day!

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Thursday, August 25, 2016
11:19 PM
I think the lack of sleep is getting to me. Jet lag is a real thing.. or is it just holiday mode. I had 4 days of no work after I came back to Melbourne.. each night I slept at around 2am... and woke up at like 12pm. On the Monday night before my first day back I slept at 2.30am.

I used to get 8 or 9 hours sleep, but I've been getting around 7. My brain hurts :( Anyway, the last few days I have just been catching up on all my Korean dramas, and also editing some photos from Daylesford trip which was months ago now LOL Some of the photos are hard to 'save' because of so much shadows from the trees and stuff.. eugh.

Also... that's pretty much it. I just started another drama: Jealous Incarnate.. only one ep out so far, but it's so retarded? I'm interested to see where the story will go, but Gong Hyo Jin and Jo Jung Suk are the leads, so it looks promising.. hopefully.

Work has been the same as usual. I feel like I'm working a little bit better? The few weeks before I went on holiday I was being a lazy worker, I would count down the minutes until I could go home and rejoice when the clock ticked over LOL now the days seem to go by at a decent pace.. which is good... but then again it has been less than one week since coming back LOL

Also I am a REAL INTROVERT I realised. I don't like talking HAHAHAHHA I mean sometimes/most times I get flustered when people ask me questions that I'm not prepared for.. like when people ask about my trip and how it was, and what I did.. and just any other questions.. sometimes if I can't control it I get really flustered and red, and my brain just stops working which makes it even worse.

Before I started work on the first day back, I had already conjured in my head what I would reply when people asked me "how was your holiday?" LOL.. eugh I hate myself :(

Anyway headache is getting worse, and tomorrow David is taking me to work yay (as he does every Friday ^^). After work we are probably going to eat Maccas (T_T) and then we are watching Train to Busan in cinemas!!! Yay I'm so excited I have been waiting ages for this movie.. because my favourite actress Jung Yoo Mi is in it, and I have heard great things :D

The movie is apparently at 7PM.. and we finish work at 5.30PM.. we have to have a 'quick dinner' thats why we are planning to eat Maccas.. even though David knows what I want to eat... oh well.. but a bit sad because my skin is actually fking up.... another reason I should sleep soon.

That's all.. also I can't believe so many Korean dramas I'm watching right now.. there was like a total drought at the start of the year.. I guess they are all coming out around now LOL good thing I can watch them :D


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Tuesday, August 23, 2016
1:51 AM
It's now 1.37am and I went to bed at 11 hoping to be asleep so I could wake up for my first day back tomorrow. I am tired but I kept trying to keep myself awake because I don't want tomorrow to come yet. I spent the time stalking people on Instagram, blogs and mostly just reading back on my own blog posts.. I even went all the way back to high school posts.. And it's really interesting to read about things you don't even recall - it's funny how fights were so serious back then, how it was such a big deal and how everyone was sad me included.

I don't think my personality has changed much throughout the years.. I think if anything I'm just a bit more crazy and psychotic than before hahah but I'm happy.

I'm happy with where I am. I enjoy working although obviously it is a drag some days but it's not shit (but then again I haven't been to work in 3 weeks LOL). I used to be always so bored and desperate to talk to people online.. Now I don't feel that. Is it because I have David ... Maybe but always probably because I have my sister and Megan. Thank you guys. Also I feel like I'm sort of becoming a better girlfriend (maybe), well I hope I am.. I hate fighting but it's always me hat starts it because I'm sensitive and emotionally unstable. I just need to work on being a little less insensitive when I'm with my friends because I tend to not think before I talk :$

I used to be so sad when I was in high school, dwelling in my own emotions, just complicating everything for myself - thinking too much, being so anxious, feeling unloved and further distancing myself... And it just gets too much.

When I finally let go of all that it was so much better. I felt free, I felt light, it was like a new beginning. 

Things can change so much in a matter of years.. It's really already been 5 years since high school.. So many things have happened. I finished university 2 years ago... It's crazy. I still remember the days I complained about how I hate uni and hate life, how I was so appreciative and happy whenever my friends hung out with me or thankful for them talking to me. I remember the days when I took the bus with Michael and when he walked home with me. The weekly Friday dinners at La Porchetta with my friends and meeting up at Medley library during our breaks... I was so young back then. But I felt like we were closer.

I'm happy that I can meet my friends weekly now, and it's better that we can drive. I'm happy that I can drive too (although I haven't drive for 3 weeks so I'm a bit nervous). But I feel like sometimes we don't have the deep conversations we did before. I think maybe there's less of the fear now of what's next to come - although I do fear it a lot still. I'm rambling on about nonsense now.. But I just wish my friends would be comfortable talking about their problems or not holding it in.. I wish my friends could just be happy and just.. Smile.

Also I feel like I'm becoming more mean so I'll try to be nicer .. Try hehe
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Monday, August 22, 2016
8:37 PM
Hello everyone!
I'm back from my holiday with David. We were away for 2.5 weeks and visited: Japan, Taiwan and Singapore. I had such a fun time and can't wait for next year when I can go overseas again! Hahaha.

I think Japan was my favourite out of the three countries. It's got good food, shopping is okay too, and the whole environment is sort of familiar because it reminds me of Korea. Of course at the start I was a bit upset - even though I have been to Japan before I hate how they run the railway/subway lines. It's so confusing and it is super expensive.

We managed to take the wrong train a few times because some of them were labelled 'express' but we didn't notice - meaning it skipped our station (as the hotel we stayed in was at a smaller station). The hotel we stayed at was a boutique hotel called E-Hotel - it's located in Shinjuku and it's so good. The location is good because there are multiple convenience stores located about 1-2 mins walk away, and it is very clean.. but of course it is a boutique hotel so it's quite tiny. We are used to that because we have stayed at boutique hotels before.. so I don't really mind as long as it's clean (although I have stayed at places that aren't too clean before as well LOL).

Anyway I loved that the hotel was literally right next to one of the train stations, and the locations of the convenience stores meant that we could always have snacks like ramen/onigiri or icecream when we were hungry at night. Staying at a hotel (instead of i.e. airbnb) was good because the room was cleaned every day so yeah.. cleanliness!

We decided to go for just the normal subway card - Suica - instead of getting JR Pass. I think in the end it worked out close to the same price or cheaper for us (because we did a one way trip from Tokyo to Osaka.. I think it's usually more worth it if you go on a two way trip).

I think I enjoyed almost every meal that I had in Tokyo. We were only there for three days, and I got to try: ramen, tonkatsu, udon, soba... and we actually made an effort to go to 'good' places. I.e. We had ICHIRAN which is pretty famous ramen chain in Japan... fuarrrkkkk THE RAMEN HERE IS.. SOOOOO GOODDD... We had Ichiran twice during our trip.. because it was so good LOL I doubt I can find ramen as good here in Melbourne.

Funny thing is, I never actually ate much Japanese food in Melbourne - probably because most of the Japanese restaurants (that are affordable) are run by Chinese and are crap LOL Also I like sashimi but David doesn't like fish so we don't go out to eat sashimi much either.. and I don't LOVE it enough to like force him to eat it either hahha. Anyway, the ramen was delicious.. the udon was also delicious - we had it at Tokyo Mentsu-dan which is in Shinjuku I think.. it was about 15mins walk from our accommodation (good exercise in the morning - we ate it for breakfast ^^).

ANYWAY, bad thing is, David decided to try something ~special~ and got the udon with like raw egg.. and it was a bad idea he said LOL I of course, almost always go for the 'original' or like normal stuff because I know it's safe - and plus you're in Japan, you should try the original/normal stuff to know how it's ~supposed~ to taste like LOL .. mine was delicious.. I got udon with beef or something LOL

MAiSEN tonkatsu is super famous for it's black pork fillet cutlet... I was really looking forward to it.. but it's was just okay... I think for me, it was just too much meat - as in too thick. The flavour of it was delicious though and it was so crunchy and JUICY, which was good..  the other black pig one.. which is not the fillet .. is MUCH juicier though. I forgot what it's called but David got it

My favourite part of Tokyo is probably Shinjuku and Harajuku.. I think because I'm more of a city person and I like shopping. Although I didn't really buy anything in these areas (apart from LoFT) because everything is so expensive!!! - especially because the AUD is reallly bad so yeah. The only thing that seems ~cheap~ is drugstore skincare stuffs hahha depending on what you get though.

If you're more of a city person Tokyo is good. LoFT was probably my favourite store (although it's expensive LOL), it's sort of like a department store. I bought lots of stuff there - like lunch boxes for work LOL

Osaka is good for food though. Dotonbori is the absolute best at night time for street food.. takoyaki droool. There is definitely nothing as good here in Melb :( Dotonbori is becoming like Myeongdong.. like the people at the drug stores speaking Chinese and calling them to come in and stuff.. it's such a tourist attraction I guess it can't be helped LOL

Oh yeah, we stayed at an airbnb in Osaka.. it was decent, but I missed the cleanliness of the hotel LOL good thing was that it was again pretty much right next to the station and the convenience store just downstairs.. we started having onigiri/sandwiches for breakfast because we spent so much money on food and transport.. and we were becoming poor LOL :(

Osaka was hot as hell.. it felt so much more sunny and dry compared to Tokyo.. even walking around caused me to pretty much drip with sweat - especially in areas like near Osaka Castle where there was no shade. I had never experienced being so sweaty before LOLOLOL

We had a two day trip to Kyoto and visited the main attractions - like the Torii gates, Golden Pavilion, Bamboo Grove, and the Kiyomizu-dera. They are just magnificent and beautiful. Every time I visit temples the architecture and details really amaze me - depends on which ones you go to I guess because if you visit too many similar ones it gets boring LOL I really love the torii gates and the bamboo grove.. something about it just feels so ~special~.. especially the torii gates.. it really 'wow-ed me' LOL

We were about to just skip Nara because I was being lazy, but David really wanted to go so we did.. and I'm really glad we did because the deer are so cute~!!! I don't even like animals but the deers wow.. There was also this really cute child that was giving the deer a massage HAHAHA SO CUTE!! I find that in Osaka/Kyoto a lot of people wore the yukata like casually.. hardly saw it in Tokyo.. I wonder why that is,,,  also I can't believe at Nara we managed to see the store that makes fresh mochi in front of it's customers.. because I saw the video on Facebook before. but it's cool being able to see something you saw online.. in real life LOL We bought one after and it was SO YUMMY.. like so stretchy and soft.. absolutely yum!!! Mochi in Japan is really just a different story from anywhere else.. green tea stuff is heavenly here too!!

Oh yeah, whilst we were in Kyoto we had omu rice at a famous place called Kichi Kichi.. only 8 people allowed in the restaurant at once so you must book. The chef made it in front of us and pretty much the cooking was a 'show' it was a fun experience and it tasted pretty good too.. a bit different from what I was expecting but still good LOL

We had Japanese BBQ (yakiniku) a few times in Osaka.. we went to chain restaurants but it still tasted good... but it was very similar to Korean BBQ to me which was sort of disappointing. In Melbourne we usually go to Shou Sumiyaki for J-BBQ and it's really nice there - and there is a definite distinction between KBBQ and JBBQ here.. whereas in Japan when we had BBQ it didn't really taste like the ones we had in Melbourne - I'm not sure if it's cuz we went to a chain restaurant or what.. but sort of disappointing .. also they mostly marinate the meat in this miso sort of sauce so most of them tasted similar (that was at Gyu kaku anyway)...the second place we went to Mitsuru wasn't really like that.. the meat was a bit better quality (and price higher as well LOL) but nothing that melted in your mouth like at Shou Sumiyaki.. so my favourite JBBQ still in Melbourne so far.. but next time I go to Japan I'll try more LOL

We bought heaps of snacks for family to try.. mostly green tea stuff hahah cuz Yinnie likes it too. We mostly bought it at the airport because it's all in one place and easier :D

Next stop was Taiwan. I was a bit nervous about this part because I knew that if people didn't understand I would have to pull out my Chinese LOLOLOLOL We arrived and took the bus to the station and the MTR'ed to close to our place. As expected I had to try to use my Chinese to talk to the security buy at the desk of the apartment complex.. fml. It was pretty bad but we somehow managed to communicate with him HAHAHAHA

We went to the market at night time after getting into the room and had some food. We went to Raohe because many people said that Shilin (the most famous one in Taipei) was too well known so prices jack up and whatever whatever, but tbh.. I defs like Shilin better.. probably because it's much bigger and more variety. Raohe is good for food and shopping but it's quite small so yeah.

We explored Taipei and ate at the original Din Tai Fung.. xiao long bao's taste pretty good but I think it's pretty much the same at the Melbourne/Sydney/HongKong branches that I have eaten at. Good to know that they are quite consistent all around the world LOL We went to some of the attractions in Taipei - like the Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall, and we decided (or I decided.. since I made the itinerary) to climb Elephant mountain instead of going to the top of Taipei 101 (which is equivalent of the Eureka Skydeck in Melb). It was really worth the climb. I sort of regret not climbing onto the huge rock at the top as well. but at least David did and got me the shots I wanted of the skyline hahaha :D The Memorial Hall is really amazing.. I sound stupid but the feeling it gave me was like.. I was in heaven and heading towards some important building LOL!! I think it's because it was such a big space and the sky was blue and the building was so... white! hahah It's definitely a must visit.

We went two days with a driver that we had hired, to bring us around places that were away from the city - i.e. YeLiu geo park, Shifen, Jiu fen and Taroko Gorge. It was SO GOOD. I can't imagine the time we would be wasting if we were to take public transport to those places and no doubt we probably couldn't even visit everything as we only had 5-6 days in Taiwan. All the places we went to with the driver were amazing. Taipei is your average asian city.. it reminds me of China/Hong Kong tbh, but the areas outside which we visited.. are so scenic and special..

You really get reminded of how special nature can be at places like Ye Liu and Taroko Gorge. Shifen is awesome if you're a couple or family because you can light the lantern which is so so so memorable and fun. It's good that the people at the stores help you take photos as well!! I'm really happy that we have photos doing that together :D And Jiufen was really 'meh' for me... too many tourists hahaha.

Spent our last day in Taiwan just shopping and as expected I bought a lot from Shilin market hahaha. We went there twice, the first time we just ate and played some games (or well.. David played games LOL) It's sort of like carnival games on one side of the market - they have like darts, and like shooting games and stuff hahah, the other side is food an then of course clothes and other stores. I like Shilin because it's big.. and there's a lot of variety .. and more stuff (like clothes) for me to buy LOL!!

Taiwan was good.. but I feel like I've seen everything important. Good thing is that the food and everything is SO CHEAP!!!! We spent so much less in Taiwan and actually exchanged too much hahah.. also the public transport system is much more normal and easier to navigate as there isn't public lines owned by different companies (like there is in Japan). Oh, and once they make the MTR from the airport.. it'll be much better!!

Last few days were spent in Sg, but really we only had 1 full day here. We mostly sort of relaxed and saw some of the attractions - didn't go to Sentosa or Universal Studios. We again stayed at a boutique hotel called Naumi Hotel. It was really really nice. And it wasn't small at all. it's like a 5 start boutique hotel really nice - there is even an infinite pool, but I didn't go up because it was my time of the month LOL but.. I think because it's a small hotel unfortunately the buffet breakfast is also pretty meh - but expensive. It was about $25 per person and there wasn't much variety. My favourite was the kaya toast and hash browns.. also the yakult available LOL Kaya toast is deliciousssss :D

We also tried Chilli Crab at JUMBO Seafood.. which is pretty well known chain in Sg. It was expensive but so so so good! There was so much meat in the crab as well.. really delicious. Wish we got rice and ate the sauce with it, but we were quite full after LOL For me, Sg was pretty meh. I think my favourite was the Gardens by the Bay,, very special and if you like flowers it's really nice.

Overall I really enjoyed my time overseas. I'm sad that I have to go back to reality and sad I cannot see David 24/7 LOL Although of course we fought a few times (because I'm emotionally unstable and get pissed really easily when I'm tired and when it's hot af) but overall we still a happy couple and had a really fun fun fun time overseas :D

Can't wait til next year.. I think we going to Korea WEEEE better save lots of money so I can shop like crazy!!!!! South Korea is my favourite country so far I think because it's not too expensive and everything is just to my taste - food, fashion, makeup, stationery etc... plus I follow Korean stuff so it's more interesting and relatable for me LOL

Might add photos to this post later but most of the good pics are already on my insta LOL I spammed a lot during my trip. Oh and update on the dramas I'm watching;

  • Doctors: enjoyable to watch but defs not turning out to be as awesome as I expected
  • Uncontrollably fond: really.. really.. meh.. I'm still watching it for the Ji Tae parts and hoping that Suzy will end up with him, but the story is slowly getting lost in the hills... it keeps going back and forth.. just stupid
  • The Good Wife: still good
  • W: still awesome!! my favourite drama I'm watching so far
  • Bring it on ghost: haven't watched any eps since I've been overseas
  • Cinderella and Four Knights: just started it,, and it's really fun to watch.. nothing too special... just similar to like BOF and You're Beautiful.. simple dramas for young minds like me hahaha 

Oh yeah, also I am using some new skincare products... at night time I use:
  • Muji Cleansing Oil (for sensitive skin) - when I wear makeup
  • Melano CC
  • Cosrx snail mucin
  • Cosrx honey ceramide eye cream
  • Cosrx honey cermide full moisture cream

Previously I was using Benton snail essence and steam cream, and I'll probably use them for day time because it's lighter.. I haven't really been into skincare for long but I hope that slowly over skin will be better since I never really taken care of it (except moisturise previously). I feel sad sometimes when I look in the mirror because I LOOK OLD FML.. also all the sunspots I get are pretty bad.. I got a thin sunscreen in Japan (and I did wear it every day under my makeup when overseas) so hopefully it can prevent further sun damage if I continue the routine.

ahha that's all for the blabber.. I guess when I read this in the future I'll just sound stupid but oh well hahah.
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