Sometimes I wonder if my whole life will pass by this way: me waiting in the shadows, waiting for something to happen. Waiting for someone else to make it happen. Something new or different or crazy and amazing. I‘ve been there for so long, letting everyone else figure it out for me, floating along without much direction or conscious thought. Reacting.
— Sarah Ockler
Monday, July 11, 2016
10:24 PM
Not much has been happening recently just the same old. I lost my voice on Friday last week though so first time I ever took sick leave. I felt really bad about it but honestly there is nothing I can do with no voice.

I rested at home the whole day and took multiple naps throughout the day. The day before was my birthday and I was already feeling shit cuz of the sore throat. 

Anyway on the Friday I decided to still go out to Palsaik to celebrate bday with my friends. Everyone is probably sick of the place but it's one of my favourites because I find the service is pretty good the food is good and the atmosphere is the best! I love having Korean beer here and the pork belly here is good. Although generally at kbbq I prefer beef but palsaik is the only place I like the pork belly.

Anyway couldn't drink too much cuz was feeling sick. I also had a huge headache so I took one panadol before I went out. Had a shot of soju and just a cup of beer and I started feeling like I couldn't breathe properly LOL 

Probably cuz of all the smoke from the kbbq too but luckily David took me outside for some fresh air. David was being a very good boyfriend that day.. He picked me up after work and actually got me a huge bunch of roses and tulips as well ehehehe and then ended up doing most of the cooking of the meats and everything.. So grateful. I feel bad for him a lot of the time because he always ends up having to cook the meat because sometimes when it's busy you just have to take it upon yourself to not let your meat burn lolol.. But he is a very responsible young man so I'm happy :-)

Anyway I also went to work on Saturday because I got a bit of my voice back and boss was hoping I could come in.. It wasn't really all there I sounded like I had a bad cold but in reality it was just my throat and I didn't have much of my cold left over (it felt like).. Many asked if I had a cold and one patient chucked at my hoarse voice haha Fml

Also had a family dinner with extended family after work.. Mums aunt and uncle say they can't recognise me anymore.. Power of makeup I guess LMFAO

Sunday was spent with David. Had to get up early and pick him up to go to Apple Store to get his phone checked out. It randomly opens apps and clicks by itself.. They exchanged it for a refurbished one which is good! He's so happy. We had ramen for lunch and I had icecream after :-) then we went back to my house and hung out there for the rest of the day. He had dinner at my house too and then after we played a bit of super Mario on wii u.... Then I had to take him home. I hardly ever have to pick David up because he usually does all the driving ... But can't imagine having to do it all the time LOL he's much better and safer than me.. So better that he drives more often :))))) thankful that he doesn't mind :-)

Anyway today just stayed at home and rested.. Watched Korean dramas. Started watching The Good Wife which is the Korean adaption of the American tv series .. Very interesting so far.. Can't wait til the next two eps next week!!

Also new drama Uncontrollably fond is very interesting and I'm loving Doctors as well! So glad there are finally some good dramas on air.. Feels like the past 3 months I've just been forcing myself to watch bad dramas which are so draggy I.e. Lucky romance, gong shim

Also today was my dads birthday.. Still gotta get him a gift will probably get some ginseng stuff LOL older people like health products right? LOL

That's all for now.. 
Didn't get my weekly soondubu jjigae.. Kind of craving that.. But also kbbq and ddeokbokki... I love Korean good :-)))) also really happy that david doesn't mind eating Korean food 90% of the time when we go out LOL he always lets me choose.. Apart from the times he wants crazy wings LOL

Okok time to sleep.. My voice is still not 100% oh glad I have humidifier which David bought me and also the electric blanket my dad got me.. So good at helping me get through this winter. Grateful!! 
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