Sometimes I wonder if my whole life will pass by this way: me waiting in the shadows, waiting for something to happen. Waiting for someone else to make it happen. Something new or different or crazy and amazing. I‘ve been there for so long, letting everyone else figure it out for me, floating along without much direction or conscious thought. Reacting.
— Sarah Ockler
Monday, February 29, 2016
9:49 PM
I'm sort of trying to get back into blogging by posting every Monday. I did quite a few things this week.

David and I went out for dinner at Su:t and Wine in Box Hill. Originally I wanted to get naengmyun but since it was a little cold I decided to switch and get silken tofu stew. David wanted naengmyun but it was unavailable. Su:t and Wine is really bad. I mean, I've known for a while that everything there isn't my taste except the naengmyun but I don't know why I keep forgetting it is bad LOL

The bbq isn't very good from the few times I've tried. David got the albab (fish roe bibimbap) this time, and it wasn't really hot enough. Usually you want the stone pot to be really hot so it kind of sizzles when you add in the spicy sauce and mix it but it wasn't. My tofu stew was also really.. watery and bland? I felt like it needed more chilli flakes.. Everything there is just so mediocre and they charge a hell of a lot.

I'm not sure if my tastes are just particular or they really are not that great.. but David says the same, and he's korean, so it must not be just me LOL Anyway, we are probably never going to go back there apart from eating naengmyun. Apparently Su:t and Wine and Wooga are the only Korean restaurants in Melbourne that have the naengmyun machine.. other stores just use packet noodles or something. No wonder David loves the naengmyun from both stores LOL

Anyway yeah. They charge almost $20 for the soup as well.. I can't. I'd rather go Yami Yami LOL

On Friday night I went out with some of my friends at Palsaik and had dinner and some drinks.  David and I traveled straight from work but we were a bit late because the traffic near the city is so bad. We ate 8 coloured pork obviously, ordered beer and soju - Palsaik also sell peach soju - I really like it, but Bryan said it was too sweet.

After dinner we headed home, I fell asleep in the car because I was really tired and alcohol also makes me sleepy.

Went on a city date with David. We had 8bit for lunch - our first time there. I ordered the 8bit with cheese, and David got the.. altered beast. We also got some 'chilli fries' as a side. It was really stuffy that day, and inside the store there was like no ventilation. We ordered, and luckily got a seat. It's really small in there and heaps of people. The chilli fries were meh, my burger was good - a bit better than the 'create your own'. LOL I always compare the burgers to maccas.. probably because I consider Maccas burgers my favourites LOLOL (I know, I have low standards).

I tried a bit of David's burger, that was good too.. but I like mine better. Anyway, we didn't order a drink so we went to buy Gongcha straight after. I got my usual - Pudding milk tea.. and David decided to try some strawberry au lait thing... it's never good to try something new HAHAHAHA he threw it out without drinking even half - it was like strawberry milk.. like "diabetes" he said.

We walked through the Japanese Summer Festival but there was nothing interesting. There was a huge ass line for some Japanese food stall. Why? I'm sure Japanese restaurants are better... better yet you can just go to Japan for the legit stuff LOLOL

We were a bit tired so we rested in the Emporium. I saw these culottes in TopShop that I like but it's like $100, and same with this skirt in Glue store $150 DA FUQ. I'll just continue recycling my $20 culottes from Korea LOLOL I really want to go back to Korea, but David said that .. "going to Korea is like going to the city".. which means that it's boring a f LOLOLOOLOL

Well I want to go again!

We rested a bit and we were going to go home, but I didn't want to go home so fast. Sometimes we don't even know what to do on our 'dates'. It's always just eating, and cbf doing anything. We are always tired after our work weeks.. and he only has one day off - which he spends with me.. so it's hard. We had dinner at the NEW "Famous Hot Pot" which also has BBQ.. it's next to Gyoza Gyoza in Chinatown.. and it's... not really good. I prefer the original one because they have a set menu, this one you have to order individual bits - which can add up.

The good thing though is they give quite a large portion - it's still expensive though. We're probably never going there again, but I guess at least now we know and we have tried it LOL We went back home after, and I had to practise driving with David. I learned to parallel park with "the formula", and also 3-point turn. I also drove around a bit - driving at night is zzzzz. Anyway, I just need to practise a bit more, I have my test booked in early April.

My day off!!! I woke up somewhat early but stayed in bed until like 10. I had some breakfast, and watched drama. I packed up my room a little bit, and then had lunch. I washed the dishes after, and then went back upstairs and watched more drama.

Signal is a really good drama right now. I'm also watching: Madame Antoine, Descendants from the Sun, Come Back Mister, Cheese in the Trap. Signal and Cheese are probably my favourite. Ep 2 of Come Back Mister is funny too. But yeah, Signal is defs the best one so far.

I also got a new coin wallet! It arrived a few days ago. I have been wanting one for ages. I never use my Prada wallet that David got me LOLOOL. I feel like the wallet is too big and I cbf lugging it around in my bag sometimes. In the last few months I have just been using my little card case with my 3 cards: license, bank card, myki, and slipping in notes, and having my coins in my bag. But it has been annoying having the coins everywhere, so I decided to get this.

I took some photos as well (I tried to be cool and take cool photos), so I spent my afternoon working out which edit was best.

I also downloaded a few new presets for VSCO, but eugh I wasted $3 on one of them.. which is the 'Minimalistic' one. OH WELL It's just $3. Anyway, it's back to work tomorrow..can't be stuffeedddddd

- c


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Monday, February 22, 2016
6:41 PM
Hello blog again!
Long time no see. Haven't done much recently. It's pretty much just been the same old pattern since 1 year ago. I've officially worked at my job for 1 year, and my family celebrated with hot pot LOL Other than that, nothing has happened. I feel like I'm shit at my job sometimes, and just ceebs, and I just want a break.

I miss having holidays like during uni.

Not only that, but I realised that it has been 5 years since I finished high school. I am turning 23 this year, and in a few years I'll probably be getting married and just all this adult stuff will be having to happen. I passed my hazards test the other day.. yes I still haven't gotten my license LOL but hopefully I will be getting it soon? I have booked the test for early April. I still need a lot of practice though... also need to book a driving instructor.. maybe I'll do that next week.

I have also been planning my August trip with David. We are going to Japan/Taiwan/Singapore. Today I realised we only have one whole day in Singapore LOL Not sure what we can do, but I guess the main things I want to see are probably: Orchard rd, Gardens by the Bay, Botanic Gardens, Chinatown, Little India? Not sure, because I haven't done much research.

We have also yet to book our accommodation but David is in charge of that. I am mostly in charge of the itinerary - the good thing about that is that I get to do everything I want, and he doesn't really mind and just follows :) He does all the hard stuff like booking accommodations, tickets and other stuff LOL

Our holiday is the only thing I am looking forward to these days. And also the weekends, because that's when I get to finally eat good things and hang out with my friends! I really feel like KBBQ .. drools..


Lots of other things have been happening recently too. I have always been a quick-tempered, and impulsive person. I don't really think because I talk when I feel comfortable (when with friends/David), and a lot of the time I say things that are very rude.

I always say and do things which I regret later, and always realise how stupid I sound and how much I embarrass myself. So I have sort of been trying to, and will continue to try to just breathe and relax when I feel worked up. Think about the consequences of my words and actions, and not be so rude and mean LOL

Thinking about how much of a shit person I am makes me feel really emo LOL but I guess it's good that I am trying to improve.

That's all for now. How can I improve my life.. sigh.

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