Sometimes I wonder if my whole life will pass by this way: me waiting in the shadows, waiting for something to happen. Waiting for someone else to make it happen. Something new or different or crazy and amazing. I‘ve been there for so long, letting everyone else figure it out for me, floating along without much direction or conscious thought. Reacting.
— Sarah Ockler
Monday, December 28, 2015
9:38 AM
Just an update on the blog :)

So not much has been happening recently. It's holiday season for everyone except me- even Yinnie gets 2 weeks off. The good thing is I got to leave an hour early on Christmas eve, and of course Christmas day I got off. I had to work on Boxing day, but only 10.30-3.30 thank goodness and then I'm back to my normal Sundays and Mondays off.

Everyone is playing in Japan now, and soon Jess and Brandon are going to HK. David and I will be left in Australia LOL We have been planning another overseas trip for 2016, in August again. We are planning to go to Taiwan and Japan. Our trip with a tour to Japan this year was just not good enough. I felt like we didn't do anything except for our one 'free day' where we explored Tokyo.

So we are planning to go to Osaka, Kyoto etc and see everything. I am quite excited to go to Taiwan and I have planned pretty much 90% of where I want to go, except.... I don't know if we will be able to go everywhere because I want to go pretty much all around Taiwan.

I've been planning our itinerary for the past few days, and I will have to apply for leave with work. We also want to go to either Singapore or Hong Kong for a few days, but not sure where. We have been to Hong Kong already, but Singapore seems like there is nothing to do (no offence LOL) - just eat and shop?

Anyway, I am planning to write my own little 'Quick travel guide' to some of the places I have been. I have been INSPIRED by other bloggers which I have been looking up whilst working out my Taiwan/Japan trip itinerary LOLOLOL

OH yeah, and for Christmas my mum bought my sister and I an ironing board HAHAHAHA not that I ever iron my clothes anyway, but I guess we will be more obliged now that we have a brand new iron! Yinnie also got me a cute mug from Cotton On Kids :))) David got me a Coach bag (because I am spoilt af LOL) We had the usual BBQ lunch at our house with James and David. I ate so many chicken wings LOL!

Parents are also going away for a week on the 2nd of Jan. Sister and I will have to fend for ourselves D:::::::: Went to the city after work on Boxing day but didn't buy anything because there's nothing I really want. Don't want to waste money on things just because they are cheap. I have to save money for my trip in August!!

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Monday, December 7, 2015
5:40 PM
Not much has been happening lately, as you can obviously tell from the blog. I think I'm kind of past the phase of blogging everyday, I have been posting my happening on Instagram more lately, and have been trying to make that pretty by using my camera.

Christmas is around the corner and I have finally narrowed down the items that I want for Christmas. On the other hand, David still has no idea what he wants which is doing my head in - how can I ask for something and he not want anything??? I think we are both the type to want to receive something that we WANT. He says he doesn't want me to waste my money on something he doesn't really want.. so his homework is to work out what he wants me to get him LOL

I have still been watching Korean dramas, but there is nothing really worth watching these days. I feel tired as heck and my feet are dying. I am also getting fatter (noticeably). Not only that, but the fatter I get the hungrier I get, and the more I want to eat.

I have been overeating SO much lately, and David actually tries to stop me from over eating during most of our meals. Like he'd be full and I'd still be shoving things in my mouth.
He would ask me: "Aren't you full?"
Me: "Yes" *continues to shove things in mouth
Him: "Stop eating!"
Me: "But it's so good.. " *eats, eats eats*
Him: "Sigh"

And then after the meal I'd be SO FULL that I wouldn't be able to move, and I'd complain about myself overeating all the time and he would just sigh and tell me how he told me not to overeat etc etc.

Anyway, foods I am craving lately:

  • Ddeokbokki
  • Cream ddeokbokki
  • Ramyun
  • Korean bbq (pork belly)
  • Chicken nuggets (Maccas)
Someone please buy me ddeokbokki!!!!!!!! 

Also my Instagram feed has been filled with people in JAPAN! CRIES. I am so jealous of the people overseas!! Wish I was there instead of working hahaha, but I did just go overseas in August when everyone else was in uni/working hahaha. David and I are also planning to possibly go on another overseas trip next year, not sure when though.

My parents are going to China next year, so maybe we can join them for some parts of it. I still have so many things to think about, so I am going to think about it later. I'm not sure where I want to go either if not China. I want to check out Taiwan maybe, and I think we will go to Europe the year after next.

Anyway, that is all for now.
Thank god my mum is making beef patties and stuff for dinner (so I can get rid of my 'unhealthy food' cravings).
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