Sometimes I wonder if my whole life will pass by this way: me waiting in the shadows, waiting for something to happen. Waiting for someone else to make it happen. Something new or different or crazy and amazing. I‘ve been there for so long, letting everyone else figure it out for me, floating along without much direction or conscious thought. Reacting.
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Monday, October 19, 2015
6:27 PM
Hey guys, I haven't updated in ages because I am lazy, but I realised I always take photos and I don't really update them to Facebook or Instagram so a lot of them go to waste, so I guess it's time to update hahaha. It's nearly the end of the month so I'll just compile everything into one LONG post! :)

I can't be bothered uploading a million photos so I compiled a few of them based on days, and it condenses the post a bit too LOL

October 2: Marysville

At the start of the month my friends and I went on a day trip to Maryville. It was a Friday, but I had the day off because it was 'Grand Final Eve'. That is now a public holiday for the first time! We travelled in two cars, and I was first in Nelson's car. It was the first time he had driven so far away so it was kind of scary HAHAHA but we managed to get there in one piece so yay.

We planned to go to the Salmon and Trout Ponds to go fishing, but first of all we had to have lunch. We ate at this little cafe place I have no idea what it is called LOL I got this beef pot pie. It was kind of a let down, but the chips were good. Michael also let me use some of his aioli sauce to dip my chips in :3

The fishing was okay. I didn't actually try but it seemed pretty hard, we sat around and just waited for the fish. Kathy managed to catch a fish when we went to the 'easy' pond LOL. The place forces you to purchase the fish if you catch them, Kathy didn't want to keep it but luckily Michael's parents bought it LOL

We got back home around 7-ish. Jess and I didn't go to dinner with the others, instead we hung out at Chen's house because he was back from Sydney because it was school holidays. We ate dinner, then watched some Big Bang concert which was playing on tv, and then played Monopoly deal LOL. It was fun :3

October 4: Venus Bay & Vicky's birthday dinner

2 days later I went on a double date with Megan and Bryan to Venus Bay. Originally Michael was supposed to come as well but he ditched last minute LOL Anyway the drive there wasn't as long as I remember it being, probably because we were playing word games in the car which was pretty fun LOL

For lunch we decided to buy some fish and chips and eat it at the beach. We got some big family pack which turned out to be too much LOL. The fried flake tasted really fishy, and the dim sim, which they called "dimmies" LOL tasted REALLY COW-LIKE. I hate when meat smells like animal.. so gross.

After that we walked along the beach in search of pippies! We had to walk really far away because there were only baby ones. We had to leave our bags in the middle of nowhere hoping that no one would take them because we couldn't be bothered carrying all our stuff.

We finally found some decent sized ones after walking for ages. We dug and dug. I mostly dug with my feet in the wet sand, whilst David, Meg and Bryan dug a big hole in the sand further away from the water - somehow managed to get pretty good-sized ones LOL

After a while we got tired and it was about time to head home. It was also the day before Vicky's birthday so we had decided to eat at Food Star for dinner LOL It had been SO LONG since I had eaten there. It's a very shit buffet but it's pretty cheap I guess. David also was invited, and we got home JUST in time hahah our family was about to go to the restaurant first.

Anyway, that place is so shit. The service is lazy and it's just inexcusable. We had piles and piles of plates at our table, and the waitresses were just standing around doing nothing. Not only that but when we were taking polaroid photos they SUDDENLY DECIDED TO COME TAKE OUR PLATES AWAY. She lady didn't even look around at the situation before reaching out in front of the camera as just my mum clicked down the button.

Of course my mum probably couldn't see because she had her eye at the view finder for the polaroid, that stupid lady.. ARGHHHH her arm is in the photo and I blinked because of her as well. Sigh. What a stupid lady. I will probably never go there again, too bad Vicky loves that place.. sigh.

October 5th: Vicky's 9th birthday

Yinnie made a pokeball pizza, and mum and I bought the Oreo cake from Bread Kingdom, but it didn't taste that great.. too chocolate-y and sweet :(

October 6th: David's graduation

A few days later it was David's gradation ceremony, and a lot of our friends were going to go all the way to Geelong to celebrate with him! David drove me, Nelson and Brandon, whilst Jess, Michael and Kathy were going to come after the ceremony. David's family also were going to drive separately. In the morning I woke up early to dress up nicely. I tried my new 'Kill Cover BB Cushion' which turned out to be WAY TOO LIGHT FOR MY SKIN, LIKE I LOOKED LIKE A CORPSE. I totally underestimated how dark I was LOLOLOL It start matching my skin tone a little bit after a while THANK GOD, but I was like white as a ghost LEWL

Anyway we got to Geelong city in an hour and a half or so. Luckily we didn't have to go all the way to Waurn Ponds for the ceremony, which is his usual campus because it's like half an hour more LOL We met David's parents after the ceremony and took a few photos. It was kind of awkward, but whatever. They left shortly after and we hung out around Geelong. We had some lunch. I had a burger which was totally meh. Why is all food in Geelong so meh LOL After lunch we hung out at the beach. It was really hot that day, like 30+ but there was really big 'cool change'. It started getting really cold.

We were going to have dinner in the city, but since we had walked quite far from the car, and my feet were so dead I asked David to go get the car and pick us up from the beach LOL Kathy also went with him to get her car too. Whilst we were waiting the funniest thing happened.

I'm sorry for laughing so much but omg, it was just hilarious. A bird poo-ed on Nelson LOL It was sad because he had already been having a shit day because of hayfever, and he had a really runny nose. The bird pooped on on him and he was like: what's this? did a bird poo on me.. and then he thought there was just a bit on his shirt, nekminit Brandon pointed out that that it was like on the strap of his bag, and he was like argh, and then it got super windy and he had the tissue box which he had been using on the ground, he bent down to get some tissues to wipe off the bird shit but the tissue box started flying away HAHAHAHA

We had dinner at Toodouri - a KBBQ restaurant in North Melbourne. It's one of my favourite kbbq restaurants, but each time the meat isn't like amazing, not sure why I like it so much HAHHAH. They have a really delicious creamy pasta side dish. Anyway it was the first time we had been there before with friends. We got a few meats and then a soup as well. We refilled our side dishes, especially the pasta, many times. I guess because it was Tuesday, the workers were able to actually help us cook the meat and provide great service. The many other times we have been there, they have been quite busy and our meat has gotten over cooked because we weren't sure whether they would cook it for us LOL

It's hard when they start cooking it for you, and then go away to do something else, so you're just waiting and waiting there for them flip the meat etc, but they leave it for too long so we have to cook it LOL

Anyway, after the meal we got some milk tea and headed home.

October 9: Friday dinner

David works Fridays with me now, so we usually have lunch dinner. Mum bought him banh mi so we ate that together. We ate pho for dinner at Roll'd. Not sure why we like Roll'd more than 'authentic' Springvale pho, but probably because it has more msg LOL just kind of feels like there is more flavour? He also got some bun bo xao which is the noodle salad thing. He actually wanted rice, but they gave him noodles instead, noodles taste better anyway! LOL It was yummy. We also tried the iced coffee which was really nice as well! :)

October 10: Saturday lunch

David also worked on Saturday with me, and we ate together at the French cafe again. Not sure why it's his go-to lunch place, because it's so expensive T.T I mean it's nice and everything, but I would rather just save $5 and get 2 sushi handrolls LOL. Anyway, it's called Cafe Baguette. We got baguettes of course LOL We shared a angus beef one, and also an omlette one. They were both yummy.

October 11: Sunday lunch & dinner
Finally I decided to cut my hair. It was getting really thick and the length was effed LOL We went to Hair Lover in Box Hill which is where I got it cut last time, and where David usually gets his hair cut. We had to wait about an hour, so we decided to have lunch at Yami Yami. I had bibimbap and David for this kimchi fried rice with shrimp cream sauce. It was a bit too much rice LOL

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