Sometimes I wonder if my whole life will pass by this way: me waiting in the shadows, waiting for something to happen. Waiting for someone else to make it happen. Something new or different or crazy and amazing. I‘ve been there for so long, letting everyone else figure it out for me, floating along without much direction or conscious thought. Reacting.
— Sarah Ockler
Monday, September 28, 2015
11:09 AM
One week ago my parents and Vicky went to the Gold Coast. Yinnie and I were left to fend for ourselves for 3-4 days. Luckily we had David and James to help us. The hardest thing was making the food. I realised how shit I am at cooking LOL It's fun being just by ourselves and not having any rules or anything.

The ddeok mandu guk (ricecake + dumpling soup) I made turned out TERRIBLE. I threw a tantrum because I was so disappointed in my efforts, but I followed the recipe.. WHYYYY It seems I'm not as good as cooking as I thought I would be :(

Here are some of our meals:

kimbap made by david's mum

shitty ddeok mandu guk, lamb and fried rice prepared by mum LOL
garlic bread

pancakes made by sis and james.. yum

pasta, quiche, lamb and sausages, broccoli

broccoli, wonton+dumplings, rice noodles

david bought me ALIEN TSUM TSUM!!
and my cute japanese miffy in the bg :3

David was an awesome boyfriend and took me to work every day that my parents weren't here. He also has had to work at my work more than usual because the optom is on holiday. On Friday we were even able to have lunch together! We ate at Cafe Baguette, which is a French cafe close to the work place. I got some Angus Beef baguette thing and he got some salami one. Angus beef one was so yummy!!

David's hot choc and my cappuccino 

my angus beef baguette + cappuccino with ruined coffee art LOL

For dinner after work we decided to go to Shou Sumiyaki! One of my FAVOURITE restaurants. I was a bit hesitant to go because it's quite expensive and last time it was a bit disappointing, but I did sort of feel like it so YOLO. This time instead of just going for the $129 couple set we decided to order individual dishes. It was so fucking good!!!! Seriously, eughhh so good. Only bad thing is that we took a bit too long to eat the meat so it got quite salty towards the end LOL

  • Salmon sashimi
  • Wagyu beef tataki salad
  • Kaki fried: deep fried oyster
  • Kani korroke: deep fried crab cream
  • Premium wagyu Kobe M10 scotch
  • Wagyu oyster blade
  • Wagyu scotch chuck roll

Most of the 'entree' dishes were the ones that come with the 'couple set' but I wanted them anyway so we ordered it hahahah. The meat this time was so good.. the kobe scotch MELTS IN YOUR MOUTH!!! SO GOOOODDDD. I would probably recommend everything except the kani korroke, but that isn't bad either. 

It's okay to splurge once in a while on food HAHAAHA Shou Sumiyaki did let us down last time, but this time.. I just cry because it was so delicious!! Can't wait to come back to this next time, but probably not any time soon because the meal was like $150 LEWL But we were overly food.. probably don't need so many entrees and maybe 2 different meats is enough LOL


my cute socks from korea

David worked at Specsavers again! Too bad I got sent over to the other store and could not see him much, but we did go out for dinner with our friends, finally we got to try ABC Chicken! Work people had been talking about this for ages, and I never really liked chicken that much.. mostly because a lot of the time fried chicken is just bones (i.e. Hudadak.. I would not recommend that place).

Anyway, ABC Chicken was so goodddd because we got 2 boneless dishes (I hate bones), and even the one dish which wasn't boneless.. it was so good and meat came off the bone so easily. The meat was so soft and tender and wasn't dry.. I CANNOT PRAISE IT ENOUGH! Can't wait to go back there hehhehe. Only dish that wasn't that great was the seafood pancake.. so thick and floury.. my favourite pancakes are still at Joomak!

I think that this place has really changed my perspective on Korean fried chicken HAHAHAHA before, I was always like: nahhh, I don't really like K-chicken that much, but now.. I'm like *v* droool when I think about it HAHAHHA 

I even told David beforehand that he had to sit next to me so he could eat the meat off the bones (usually I just eat the skin and meat which are easy to eat and I leave like the meat near the bones LOLLOL), but there wasn't even anything left on the bones (not that we even had many bone dishes in the first place HAHHA)

  • Seafood pancake
  • Sweet chilli chicken (with cheese $2)
  • Carbonara chicken
  • Half soy garlic chicken
  • 3L of beer 

After that hung out at Pua's house. I rolled my whole dirty body over his bed LMFAO and fell asleep. But then I woke up and we talked about some stuff then before we knew it was 2AM. Can't wait to see my friends again! :)

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Monday, September 21, 2015
12:32 PM

Makeup I bought from SaSa in Hong Kong. I am sad because I thought it would be okay priced but obviously since it is a huge franchise the prices are inflated. The items were cheaper in Korea and Japan :(

  • K-Palette: 1 Day Tattoo eyeliner (Super black)
  • Majolica Majorca: Lash Expander Edge Meister mascara (#BK999)
  • Koji Dolly Wink: Liquid eyeliner III (Deep Black)
  • Dolly Wink: EyShadow II Gradation Color (#04 Shiny Brown)
  • Dolly Wink: Eyelash No.23 Sweet girl
  • Dolly Wink: Eyelash No.24 Natural baby
  • Dolly Wink: Eyelash No.10 Sweet Cat
  • Dolly Wink: Eyelash No.20 Glamorous Doll

I also bought this black eyeliner by Bonjour (not in this photo). When I was in SaSa, this sales assistant which works for Bonjour (she had their badge) kept following me around when I was obviously just looking. She kept trying to talk to me and I kept trying to walk away and clearly did not want/need her help. In the end I ended up getting something from Bonjour because she was so annoying and kept saying how good the eyeliner was blah blah, it was fraking expensive too. Eugh. I have been using it and it's okay, but I accidentally left the lid off and it's kind of dried up but there is still some pigment eugh LOL

Makeup from South Korea.

  • CLIO: Kill Cover Pro Artist Fix Mist, Liquid Founwear Cushion + Refill (#4 BO Ginger)
  • CLIO: Gelpresso Waterproof Shadow (#5 Bottoms Up, #8 Feeling High)
  • Etude House: Proof 10 Eye Primer
  • Etude House: Dear My Blooming Lips-talk (#BE 104)
  • CLIO: Tension Lip (#7 Some, #6 Bangarang)
  • 3CE: Lip Lacquer (Dahlia)
  • 3CE: Kabuki Brush
  • Too Cool For School: Artclass by Rodin
  • 3CE: Lip Color (#901 Cheeky Cheeky)
  • 3CE: Lip Color (#409 Kiss Woo)
  • 3CE: Lip Color (#609 Jammer)
  • 3CE: Lip Color (#604 Vamp)

More stuff I got from KR:
  • Innisfree: Eco nail color PRO (#41 2AM)
  • Innisfree: Eco nail color PRO (#109 Red Check Onepiece)
  • Innisfree: Auto Pencil Liner Jeju Color Picker (#7 Deep Sea with Wind)
  • Innisfree: Auto Pencil Liner Jeju Color Picker (#6 Indigo Sea Under the Sun)
  • Innisfree: Gel Liner (#3 Ice Persimmon)
  • Innisfree: Gel Liner (#7 Sunset Burgundy)
  • Butter: Beauty Brush
Yeah that's it. If you guys want to see anything in more detail let me know and I'll take some up close pics LOL

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Sunday, September 20, 2015
2:58 PM

I'm taking a break from updating about my holiday. I really just can't be stuffed anymore, so I'll update with more recent news. Yesterday I went out to the city with my friends to have dinner and drinks. We ate at Joomak - my second time there.

The first time I went to Joomak was with David and I wasn't very impressed, but I guess we ordered the wrong foods because this time it was so delicious! Vic and I got there first and looked at the menu, and just as we were ordering the others arrived.

We ordered:

  • Kimchi pancake
  • Seafood pancake
  • Rice cake with seafood and cheese
  • Fried chicken drumettes
  • Soft tofu stew with kimchi and pork
  • Fish cake soup
  • Cheese egg roll with fish roe
  • Drinks: peach rice wine, mango soju, a jug of Hite (beer)

We ate, chatted and drank. My favourite dishes were the pancakes. I really liked the kimchi pancake and also the seafood pancake, I would say probably one of the best that I have had. Fishcake soup was also good as usual.

The drinks were also quite nice, the peach rice wine was very smooth and fluffy and mango soju was good too. After dinner we decided to head to Naomi's apartment to have some more drinks. Her apartment is nice and cosy, we drank and drank. Marco and MC got very intoxicated.

We took the last train home and MC was so funny. Vic and I took the train all the way to GW and were picked up by James, who took us home. I was still slightly intoxicated but only slightly, Yinnie thought I was drunk but I wasn't. She probably just has never seen me intoxicated LOL

Anyway, it was a fun night. I can't wait to hang out again, but I hate drinking strong drinks like vodka even if they are mixed with other things. It tastes gross.

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Monday, September 7, 2015
5:09 PM
Day6. I woke up with a huge headache. I felt like shit. I complained all morning about how much of a headache I had. My tummy hurt so much I had to keep going to the toilet. I didn't vomit though. I felt like shit.

David went out early in the morning to get me a hangover drink. He also got us some instant soup from GS25. The drink tasted weird, and I still felt like shit. I could hardly drink the soup because I thought I would throw up. I tried to sleep again but I had a headache and my tummy hurt. David kept watching TV which didn't help. I still felt like shit.

Getting up & Breakfast:
I finally pulled myself out of bed at 12PM. I took a shower and got dressed. I think the hangover drink had started taking effect. We ate at Sinseon Seolleongtang, a popular franchise. We had been there last time we were in Korea as well, it was yummy. I still had a weak stomach so non-spicy soup was the best idea. I got ricecake and dumpling seolleongtang. It was delicious. The kimchi there was so sour though, I wasn't impressed.

ootd: dress i bought from edae

my ddeok mandu seolleongtang

david's plain seolleongtang

Hyehwa: Cafe Travel
After that we had no idea what to do. We decided to go to Hyehwa and explore their mural art village, pretty much cool graffiti all over the walls around a neighbourhood. It was pretty cool. It was so boiling we had to take a break at a cafe called 'Cafe Travel'. We got some delicious mango drinks to cool us down.

We took lots of touristy shots and then it started spitting. We didn't worry much but then it started raining. We had no umbrella, but thankfully there was a store that sold us one. It started raining a lot but we still took photos LOL

my favourite one

Then it started pouring and it was windy. My feet were soaked, my dress got soaked and it was almost see-through. My bags were getting wet and I was worried about the camera and the ipad in my bag. By this time we had just finished the mural art village walk. We got to a convenience store and decided to get rain ponchos. We looked like fools and people looked at us. I was already soaked.

feeling like shiet because feet soaked


I wasn't going to give up on my trip to Hyehwa. I wanted to go to a stationery store called 10x10. It took a while to find but we found it. We were still soaking and I felt so bad for wetting everything, but there wasn't much we could do. The store assistant followed us with a mop.

i wanted to get that card pocket but $22 NO WAY LOL

just some more of the stuff at 10x10.. iconic stuff

the stuff i bought from 10x10 lololol

Miss Lee Cafe
I had a look at things, they were all so expensive, but so pretty. I bought a heap of photo albums and David and I got a matching phone case. We spent ages in that store. After that it was like 5PM and we decided to head to Miss Lee Cafe across the road. I was excited! It is the franchise that 'Yongseo' couple from We Got Married went to - although not this exact store, but yeah.

huge message tree

our new matching phone cases!!



shake shake

mixed rice


We got this traditional rice thing. You shake it together and then it becomes mixed rice, sort of like bibimbap. It was yummy. We also write messages and hung them to the message tree. Koreans love this stuff it seems LOL We didn't even realise it was already dinner time. I went to another store across the road and bought some clothes.

Then we headed back to Hongdae (where we were staying). We rested a little bit because our feet were soaked. We weren't hungry for our dinner. After resting for a bit we decided to explore Hongdae at night. We walked around most of the streets, and also got some street food to eat. David bought some New Balance shoes and then we went home.

bands and performances at night

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