Sometimes I wonder if my whole life will pass by this way: me waiting in the shadows, waiting for something to happen. Waiting for someone else to make it happen. Something new or different or crazy and amazing. I‘ve been there for so long, letting everyone else figure it out for me, floating along without much direction or conscious thought. Reacting.
— Sarah Ockler
Wednesday, August 26, 2015
9:58 PM
On our last day, we checked out and were able to leave our bags at the hotel FREE OF CHARGE. They keep bags locked up in a special area until whenever we want.. HOW GOOD IS THIS HOTEL!!! Anyway, unfortunately checking out meat that we were without our free phone.. meaning no internet.

It was a huge struggle. We went to Harbour City and shopped around for a bit. The shopping centre was huge but mostly filled with expensive brands, but I saw SO MANY BRANDS, even brands like "Replay" and "Max & Co." which I had never heard of until I working at my current job LMFAO David bought a heap of clothes from Zara (he ran out of HKD so he even had to go exchange more). He says that Asia has different styles etc, so he bought a lot LOL

outside iSquare

I didn't mind waiting around and letting him shop because he usually hardly buys things in Australia so I was glad he was finding things he liked here. We had brunch at Din Tai Fung at SilverCord which was another shopping centre thing opposite Harbour City. We had to wait a little while but it was worth the wait.

Din Tai Fung isn't really like a yumcha place as it has quite a limited number of available dishes, but their xiao long baos are really delicious and they do have some dim sums so we tried it. We got the normal pork xlb and also a prawn one. The pork one was delicious as expected. We also tried these noodles which were so yummy as well. Everything was really good actually. Glad that we had some dim sum in Hong Kong LOL

After that, we headed to the Big Buddha, and to get there we were taking the cable car thing called Ngong Ping 360. To get to the cable car station, we had to go to the end of the line at Tung Chung. It took quite a while to get there, not only that, but waiting in line to even get on the cable car was ages.

David and I decided to go on the 'crystal cable car' which was a bit more expensive. As expected, most people did the same, because they have been promoting the hell out of it on the MTRs LOL Anyway, the only difference was that it had a glass floor.. hurrrr.. r u kidding me, I paid extra for this!? LOL

Anyway, we finally got on and it was quite scary at some points, but also pretty scenic. We could even see HK International Airport from where we were, because the cable car station is actually not on HK Island or on Kowloon but on another island called 'Lantau Island'.

It took a while to get to the Big Buddha, but I was WeChatting both my aunty and my family to let them know where I was going. I forgot to mention that the day before my aunty had given David and I these local sim cards, which people were apparently handing out, so that was really good for us because we had a bit of 3G, which we could use, and we could 'top it up' by viewing ads and stuff like that LOL.

When we finally go to the destination, we were bombarded by this girl who was trying to sell us a photo of David and I on the cable car, or a key ring or some other thing. We decided to get a keyring with a photo of us on it just for memories sake LOL It was like $10 or something.

Anyway, we walked from the cable car station all the way to the Big Buddha. It was hard work, and we even had to stop half way. I was dehydrated and exhausted LOL When we finally got there I sat on the bench and rested LOL Anyway, the Big Buddha is really big LOOL There are also some other statues as well at the top, but obviously tiny compared to the Big Buddha.

You can't go up or touch the creation or anything, it's all guarded off, but the view from the top is pretty good, and you can see close enough the intricate details of the Buddha and how detailed the eyes are carved out etc. We took a few photos and then headed back down.

po lin monastery

cute stuff at the gift shop (wasn't allowed to take photo but.. shh LOL)

We were going to have dinner again with my aunty, so after we got down we MTR'ed to Prince Edward Station... dinner was going to be SHABU SHABU! I love any sort of soupy food. I love stews and stuff like that, which is why I like Korean food so much, but I also love hot pot and shabu shabu as well. I was pretty happy to try shabu shabu in HK because I did want to try hot pot and this was close enough.

We went to this place called Gyu Jin. It was a buffet shabu shabu, and for like $35 AUD or so, you can get unlimited meat, veges, drinks and even Haagen Daz icecream! Australia, why the HELL ARE YOU SO EXPENSIVE, AND WHY DON'T YOU HAVE THINGS LIKE BUFFET SHABU SHABU!??

After that we walked around a bit, checked out the Goldfish Market again, but this time it was in full action. My aunty told me that there used to be more stores back in the days, but now it's all changed. We then got our bags from our hotel and took the MTR towards the airport. My aunty rode with us most of the way because she was headed that way, and then we got to our stop and parted ways.

David and I got to the airport pretty early so we walked around and I bought some stuff with my remaining HKD. I got some stuff from PAGE ONE, which is a book store, got some cool drawing books and some bags! I'll probably have a post with all the stuff I bought so stay tuned I guess LOL

Anyway, that was the end of HK. We did a lot, and it felt like quite a long time we spent there because we packed so much into the 3 days. I had a really good time, although I was pissy at times, I really liked having David there with me to help me and everything. Thanks oppigu :3

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7:54 PM
After a tiring first day, we had no choice but to wake up early again and start our day as we only had 3 days in HK and this was our second day already!! David had got up earlier than me we were going to eat something from the 7/11 near our hotel, so he went out to get something. I think we were still kind of scared to eat out at places in fear that we couldn't read the menu or anything (well I was scared LOL.. even though I am the one who can speak Cantonese LOLOLOLOL)

Anyway, he went out to 7/11 whilst I got ready (putting on makeup etc)... but then he came back empty handed, apparently he had seen another restaurant outside our hotel which looked pretty good. We decided to eat there.. since he thought it had English (on the menu) I was less scared as well..

SO we got everything ready to go out and went to the restaurant. We sat down, and.. the menu was all in Chinese.. W T F LOLLLLLL I can barely read simplified chinese let alone TRADITIONAL! Thank god David thinks fast and went outside to where there were a few photos of some breakfast items.. I used Cantonese to let the waitress know what we wanted whilst pointing to the photos and also 2 cold milk teas LOLLLL omg.

Anyway, I can't even remember what that restaurant was called.. but it was pretty much directly opposite the entrance of our hotel LOL okay, I just tried to find the name in photos, and I think it's called New Forest Restaurant. David got some instant noodles + bread + sausage + fried egg, and I got some macaroni + sweet crispy bun with condensed milk.. man that bun was SO YUMMY AND CRISPY!!! As expected, the milk tea was also delicioussss :)

yummm i love these bunsss

After that we headed to the Flower Market.. it was still quite early so I think people had just started opening. Photos I had seen make it look so different but it's just like a street of shops, I thought it was more like a market LOOL... but it was still nice seeing so many different flowers and so much colour.. and all of them so bloomed!

damn wish they had these in aus LOL

wish i could bring these home :(

At the end of the street was the Yuen Po Bird Garden. Apparently people bring their birds here and chat with other bird owners, but they also sell birds and other bird stuff like food and cages and stuff there.. kind of weird. I felt awkward just walking around there with some of the older people in the garden looking at us.. or was that just me LOL

After that we went to Fa Yuen Market.. some cute stuff there, but we didn't really buy anything, I think that I didn't want to buy stuff there because I wanted to buy more stuff in Korea (and stuff in Korea is cuter LMFAO). After that we went to the Goldfish Market. A lot of the stores hadn't opened yet, and again I thought it would be cooler, but I guess because most of the stores hadn't opened it was underwhelming.

even old building look beautiful!

not sure if this is cool or just sad..

The original plan was to take the Star Ferry but we were like too much water from the Turbo Jet yesterday, so we just MTR-ed to Central. We then went to take the Peak Tram up to Victoria Peak. There were SO MANY PEOPLE!! We had to wait a while, but it wasn't that bad because David was there with me.

beautiful park outside central

The tram was quite steep I was scared (I'm scared of lots of things, so glad David was there with me so I could squeeze his hand whenever I was scared LMFAOOO)... anyway, we were up there in no time. The view was SO NICE. It's really nice seeing places from above and not through glass as well

at victoria peak.. just breathtaking!

the escalators up to the top

We took a few photos and then went downstairs because it was really sunny and hot, and there were quite a few people. We were going to head back to Central or something to have some lunch, but ended up finding Mak's Noodles (which is supposedly famous), so we went to eat there. And yes, of course in Hong Kong, you have to eat wontons.

It's been a while since I've had wontons in the normal wonton soup. My mum always makes this special sauce thing to eat with wontons, so it was nice to have a change and the 'traditional wonton noodle soup'. David got beef brisket wonton noodle soup which was nice too. The bowls were quite small, but good because we weren't that hungry!

After that we went to Wan Chai because I wanted to try Oddies Foodies. It took ages to find, and again, I was in a bad mood (when am I not LOLOLOLOL), and turns out IT IS CLOSED ON MONDAYS!!! whYYYY we walked so far and my feet were so tired, and it was so hot.. sigh.

We went back to Central and rested a little bit. Then we were on our feet again. We took the Mid level escalators, got to Soho, and we went to the PMQ .. old Police Headquarters where they sometimes have art displays. I got really confused when we got there because there was nothing, so we left, and walked to Man Mo Temple.

It said no photos inside the temple, but people were still taking so I took a few as well LOL it was quite a small temple, and David and I were not in the best moods so we had a quick look and then headed back home. I was pretty dehydrated because it was so hot and we were always so stupid and never took a bottle of water around, so when we got to the 7/11 near our hotel I got 2 cans of Coke LMFAOO.. I drank so much coke in HK.. because it was SO REFRESHING!?

a street in hk

Anyway, we took a rest at home for a bit. The plan for dinner was to eat with my mum's cousin (my 'aunty' 表姨). Before that David and I had a look inside SaSa (a makeup shop) to buy some stuff. I trusted SaSa because I have bought from them online before, but after seeing the prices in Korea and Japan.. I AM SO SAD BECAUSE IT WAS CHEAPER THERE!! :(:(:(

I bought some DollyWink eyelashes (WHEN THE HELL AM I GONNA USE FALSE EYELASHES?? IONO.. but good to have them there in case I do need them LMAO) also got some eyeliners. There was this damn sales assistant tagging onto me.. trying to speak in Mando to me.. DID I REPLY? NO I JUST HAVE A FEW NODS OF THE HEAD. BUT SHE STILL KEPT COMING BACK EVERY FEW MINUTES!!! CAN U PLS GO AWAY, I DONT EVEN.. I just want to look in peace, if I need help.. I will ask for help!!.. HURRRR.. -.- I'm one of those people who like looking by myself and if I need help I'll ask for it, but if I don't, I'll put it in my basket and head to the counter to pay. FUARK,

Anyway, we only bought a few things because we had to meet my aunty. Anyway, it has been like 5 years since I've seen my aunty and she doesn't speak English very well so it was kind of awkward with me trying to speak Cantonese LMFAOOOOO and David just sat around awkwardly.. it wasn't too bad though I guess.

She came up to the hotel room and I gave her all the gifts my mum had gotten and she had also gotten us some gifts LOOLLL then we walked around the area, and then headed to dinner, which was on like the 20th floor of this shopping centre. It was some FANCY ASS RESTAURANT that looked like they would have wedding receptions in.. I was pretty shocked LOL It was called Joyous One.

wow view!

We had some fancy Chinese food and then went to the Ladies Market. Didn't really get anything there except a few headbands for Vicky. Could wear all the stall owners trying to rip off the tourists LOL everything was the same, and expensive! But it was still good to check it out for the sake of it LOLOOL

We had dessert at this shitty little cafe place which was in some dodgy building. Heaps of young people there, but pretty shitty food, and took ages to come, so disappointing. After a long day we headed back to the hotel to rest.

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