Sometimes I wonder if my whole life will pass by this way: me waiting in the shadows, waiting for something to happen. Waiting for someone else to make it happen. Something new or different or crazy and amazing. I‘ve been there for so long, letting everyone else figure it out for me, floating along without much direction or conscious thought. Reacting.
— Sarah Ockler
Wednesday, July 29, 2015
9:57 PM
Wednesday: 22 Jul 2015
Meeting KIMBAP for the first time in a while. I guess it is a given that I don't have time for the club considering I'm not longer in school, but I'm still part of the committee just as a graphics designer. I used to care so much about the club but not anymore, probably because it's full of randoms and the only person I really care about that is involved in the club now is Megan LOL (and Nelson but he's not an exec).

I don't know why I decided to go to the KBBQ dinner with them, probably because I hadn't been out in a while and felt like KBBQ and was bored. Dinner was at WooDo. Surprisingly I've never been there (lol!). I have seen it before though, I always thought it was far away, but it's only like a 5 minute walk from Southern Cross Station.

After work I changed and trained straight to Flinders and then to Southern Cross. There I met up with Ellie, Nelson and Lily and we headed to the restaurant. I sat with Nelson, Lily, Ellie and a few newbies I didn't really know. It was kind of awkward on the table because everyone there is really shy. I tried sort of to talk but I had started at 8AM that day so I was d.e.a.d.

Anyway, the food there is not bad. We tried different meats and had a seafood stew. I've definitely had better KBBQ before, but it's not bad. Definitely better than Seoulia (which is what was suggested before.. PLS WHO ISN'T SICK OF SEOULIA???).

I'll just show you guys with photos:

the other table's sliced beef set

side dishes wat.

the other table's samgyupsal set

scotch fillet yeeee

wagyu + bulgogi-like meat


samgyupsal yeee

Anyway, took the train back to Glenny w/ Nelson and actually slept on the train. Arrived at Glenny around 11PM, and lovely bf David took me home :3

Friday: Dinner w/ bf
I think David was missing me or something. I hadn't really seen him since Sunday (apart from him picking me up and taking me home on Sunday). Usually we would have a dinner together on Weds/Thurs but we hadn't. Tbh I wasn't even missing him or anything because we Facetime like everyday LMFAO, and usually I am the one nagging to hang out LOL

Anyway, we ended up going to somewhere close - Piatella. I felt like meat so I got steak, and David got chicken parma. Way too much food. I am seriously getting fat these days!!!! Fuark, over eating like hell :( The steak was yummy, but too much :(

Saturday: Ant Man
Watched Ant Man with my friends. It is an awesome movie, I highly enjoyed it hahahahaI have heard mixed reviews, some people said it's bad, some said very good. I liked it hahahaha. After that we bought some snacks and hung out. I was dead tired and I don't even remember what we did. Just chatted about lots of shit LOL I felt like I haven't hung out with them for a while.

Sunday: Early 2 Year Anniversary
D and I celebrated our 2 years 1 day early. I was feeling a bit sick but we till went out. King od lame that I wasn't feeling 100% because I didn't wear any makeup out and probably looked like shit LOL We had lunch at Roll'd at Knox because I knew David felt like it. I also like ROll'd more than Springvale pho LMFAO (don't kill us). Banh mi is really bad at Roll'd though.

After that we headed to the city. Pretty much the plan for the day was to buy necessities for our overseas trip in a week's time. We bought some stuff from Coles including Mickey Mouse bandaids because we are money wasters LMFAO.

We then chilled at the Emporium. We went to MYERS and then just got some ChaTime. Dinner was at Guhng. FINALLY, we are trying it. It has always been something we've been reluctant to go eat because it is quite expensive, but we were supposed to be celebrating our 2 years together so... why not.

I had heard mixed reviews about the restaurant though. People said it wasn't that good even though expensive. I personally LOVED IT???? But you should always go to a restaurant twice to make sure the feelings are the same both times. Anyway, the interior is SO PRETTY *v* and although they seemed understaffed, the girl who served us 'Sol' was really friendly and prompt. She seemed to be multi-tasking heaps so I forgave her when she overcooked our meat.

We got the set menu, Premium A, which was $110 consisting of: premium wagyu, wagyu beef rib meat, wagyu chuck flap meat. All the meat was delicious. My favourite was the premium wagyu and the wagyu beef rib meat.. if only the latter were not overcooked.. it would have been so good. David didn't think that the meat was 'that premium' though so.. I don't know.

dayum that coal


after being cooked on the charcoal, they cut it into pieces and place it nicely on the plate so it doesn't get overcooked!

wait for the photo oppa!

Of course, Shou Sumiyaki is still my favourite for melt-in-mouth beef (although the 3rd time we went it wasn't that good.. eugh.. inconsistency T.T) We also got a naengmyun. It was pretty good.. pretty much tasted same as the one at Su:t and Wine, which is both David and my favourite in Melbourne (thus far..).

naengmyun similar taste and same size as su:t and wine

Monday: Planning for holiday
Finalised our plan for August holiday a bit more and packed my luggage.
Also  watched some drama... Oh mu ghost is seriously so good!

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Monday, July 20, 2015
10:34 PM
It's been another week, and not much has happened. Work has been the same same except for I am using the new technology for measuring the heights. I am worried that they are inaccurate though and I haven't been getting anyone to check them, so hopefully I can trust this new program..

Apart from that I have also been watching Korean dramas, including:
  • Mask
    • Pretty good
  • Oh My Ghost
  • High Society
    • Only watching this for Park Hyungsik. The story is quite zzz and slow, but it does get better after like the 10th ep LOL
  • The Time We Were Not In Love
    • Really like this although, it is quite cliche (what Korean drama isn't tbh LOL). Also because I love the lead actor/actress, so it's even more fun.
  • I Remember You
    • Just started this today. Already finished ep 7, not really because it's good because it's just something to watch. It is quite interesting though tbh.

I bolded the ones that I really like so far LOL

Overseas trip:
Also I AM GOING OVERSEAS IN LESS THAN 2 WEEKS! I can't believe it!!! Today I spent it planning the trip to HK a bit more thoroughly. I've got a lot packed in the 3 days LOL but I hope we can sort of do everything, if not I hope I enjoy it nonetheless. 

I'm not too worried about Korea because David is there, and I've been there recently, so I kind of am familiar with it (?) but HK..... zzz LOLOLOL it shouldn't be too bad though. I'm not even going to worry about Japan.. maybe next weekend I'll think about it, but it is a tour so it should be okay (although there is one 'free day' where we can do whatever, so I'll have to work out what to do then).

Oh yeah, also a few food pics from the week. Had jajangmyun at HanGukGwan. They are quite popular (quite busy even on a Wednesday night). I kind of like that they have these 'half half' menu now hahaha. It's good because we can try different things. 

On Saturday it was my grand-uncle and aunty's birthday celebration. We ate at a Chinese restaurant in Box Hill and it was SO YUMMY. The lobster noodles were deeelicioussss. And there was those peking duck pancake wrap things as well... sao good.

That's all for now.
Back to work tomorrow :( I'm tired.
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Wednesday, July 15, 2015
1:16 PM
I have decided to try to update my blog once a week when I have my day off. I can't really remember what has happened in the last week from when I last updated, but obviously I was mostly at work. The biggest things that happened were: David got his results, and Dad had his 50th birthday.

Work has been the same as usual. I got put on 'desk' for the first time and it was okay. The person at the desk is pretty much the receptionist and tries to make sure everything runs smoothly by directing each person fulfils their roles. I had a lot of help obviously and thankfully it wasn't too busy on the day.

I have also been quite lazy at work recently.. this is no good hahaha.

My birthday:
I also forgot to post this photo last time. My sister made me pancakes on my birthday - 7th of July. She woke up early to make them before work. It was yummy but very sweet because I put heaps of Nutella hahaha. I also put whipped cream and it looked damn good:

David's results: Thursday
David found out on the 9th his results for his exam, and HE PASSED! YAY! Now he's officially on his way to becoming an optometrist. He was very happy and in shock that he passed, and I was happy. I honestly did not think that failing was a possibility, and I think I would have been quite disappointed if he did fail LOL (because I'm a shitty gf), but he obviously studied hard and from what I had heard he was pretty good at the practical stuff, so I didn't think the results could be too bad.

Also his mum came back from Korea, so he had a few days off, so he could pick me up! So happy because it's been ages since he has come to pick me up :3 He came to my house for dinner and mum made some yummy foods:


Friday's dinner:
My dad isn't home for dinner every second week. We always eat 'nice food' when he isn't here. My sisters and I don't like rice, but every time my dad is home for dinner we have to eat rice. I'm not sure why, but we just have to. So when he's not home for dinner we ask mum to make 'yummy' food for dinner. On this particular Friday we had wontons, yum yum :3

I take photos of stuff but I have nowhere to post them so I'll just dump them here LOL

wontons.. and leftover lamb chops

zucchini soup - yummy

Dad's 50th: Saturday
Dad turned 50 on Saturday! We had a nice dinner at my house, made by my mum obviously! It was yummy as usual, and we also had cake from Bread Kingdom. I think their cakes are my favourite and also they made this really nice little chocolate plaque thing :3

I used my 35mm lens for the family photo and it's so much better than the kit lens! Eugh, the only thing is obviously that it is non-zoom, and its 35mm and actually converts to like 50mm or something they said so I can't really take things close up, I have to stand a bit further. What should I do about my trip overseas.. bring both? :( I think I'll bring both but leave the 35mm on and use maybe iPhone for closer shots and maybe bring the zoom for maybe things that are too far away..

But I know tbh I probably can't be effed switching between lenses LOL

In the city on Sunday
On Sunday, we had another family celebration for my Dad's birthday at the Conservatory.  In the afternoon David and I went to the city and had lunch at New Shanghai. It was the "best dumplings I've ever had" said David. It was his first time there HAHHA Next time we must try Din Tai Fung, but maybe later when it's not as new (i.e. the line isn't long).

Shanghai rice cakes with XO sauce

xiao long bao

 Pot stickers: panfried pork dumplings

After lunch we went to watch Inside Out. But before that we walked around the Emporium for a bit. We went into this home decor store called Top3. It had lots of cool stuff but seriously expensive. I also bought a case for iPad mini. I'm buying David's one from him LOL the case was on sale and it's super cute. Also I am sad because it seems that this year Kikki.K didn't send me a birthday voucher!? Don't they usually.. :(

Anyway, Inside Out, it looked interesting and I had heard a lot of good things about the movie, but it didn't really turn out to be as good as expected. But what did I expect with a cartoon and kid's movie hahahah There were definitely times that made tears well up in my eyes, and David said he 'cried' too LOL

Yinnie and Vicky also ended up making the movie at the same time, but they sat in row B, and us row J. Yinnie said she fell asleep but Vicky loved it as expected. I think any movie she watches would be fun (if it's cartoon), and it was only her 3rd time at the cinemas so it's all like exciting and new for her.

At 6.30 it was CONSERVATORY TIME. David and I met my family and we were promptly seated. There were really good things this time. They had soup (which wasn't good), but also some nice hot foods compared to the last time I went. Perhaps because this time I went on a weekend and last time it was on a Thursday or something.

I think because we ate quite a bit for lunch I wasn't too hungry, also I had just gotten my period so I WAS FUCKING IN PAIN :(:(((((( So I couldn't really eat much. Thank god my dad and mum ate quite a bit and my sister tried all sorts of desserts LOL I wish I could have had icecream :(

Anyway, I hope my dad enjoyed the dinner. I actually shouted since it was my 'first year of working full time' and I am forever grateful for him driving me to and from work some days. My wallet though ;-(

wish i could do this all day everyday 

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Wednesday, July 8, 2015
3:27 PM
I am now 22.

22 seems like quite a big step from 21, but I guess I will really start freaking out when I am 23 LOL I spent my birthday with a bad cold and at work. I don't know why I suddenly got so sick, but it was the worst that it has ever been. Usually when I'm sick, somehow it clears up when I'm at work, but yesterday it was just horrible. My nose was continuously running and I felt like shit. I had to blow my nose every 5 minutes and I feared the snot running down my face whenever I was with a customer :(

Finally it was lunch time and I went to the chemist and got some Codral. I had to give my ID LOL I didn't know getting medicine was so intense HAHHAHA I also had to get a new lipbalm so thank god for becoming a member of random stores. I got a $5 voucher from Priceline, so I got a new Burts Bee lipbalm for $2!

After that I went back in the store and took the medicine and had my lunch. The store director also bought birthday cake for us to eat. It was quite yummy. I had work until 6 but thank god my dad came to pick me up and took me home.

I went for dinner in the city at Mahn Doo with David, it was my second time there, and it was pretty good. Lots of Western people there, I guess that's their target market. It seemed like a very 'fancy' kind of Korean, with high quality plates and special looking side dishes.

I got the rice cake dumpling soup (with kimchi and pork dumplings), and David got some silken tofu stew. Both dishes were quite nice, but the rice cakes were a bit too chewy for my liking. It seemed like a fancy rice cake dumpling soup too, and I was glad that there were lots of dumplings. It also had lots of flavour probably because they used boiled down chicken and used it in the broth.

Silken tofu stew was yummy and had lots of tofu :3

The original plan was to go to watch Inside Out after dinner, but there were no more sessions at MC Hoyts, and I was feeling dead sick so we went home.

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