Sometimes I wonder if my whole life will pass by this way: me waiting in the shadows, waiting for something to happen. Waiting for someone else to make it happen. Something new or different or crazy and amazing. I‘ve been there for so long, letting everyone else figure it out for me, floating along without much direction or conscious thought. Reacting.
— Sarah Ockler
Saturday, February 28, 2015
12:02 AM
Had work and then went to dinner with Lily, Joanna and Megan at Crazy Wings. The hot pot was not bad and wings were okay too. It ended up being like $8 each, so worth it! Then we went to Lily's house to pack O Week show bags. Production line allowed us to finish it relatively quickly.

After that we headed back to GW and had dessert at Dessert Story. David and I shared a coconut sago with mango - not bad. They sell radish cake there now, I'm craving it badly!!!

Work was not too bad. Felt like I was going backwards but whatever. People were nice. Oppa also went to the store and helped me because I am noob. Coworkers met him hahah; they though he was 15 rofl!

Night shift is kind of shit because you have dinner at 3pm l o l oh well I wasn't that hungry anyway.

Work again tomorrow and I have a party with David's coworkers tomorrow. Hopefully I am presentable enough. Dead tired.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015
11:29 PM
Probably had one of my best days so far at the new job. I did quite a lot of things today and feel a bit more confident now that I can do more things. Last week I felt really bad for being so helpless and unable to help people because I was knew and didn't know what was going on. All I could do was ask people to wait, and I just watched helplessly as the other staff rushed to finish their jobs to help me. Ah, that was the worst.

So now I feel much better and bit more confident. Of course I still have much to learn and I am still working on all the things that I have learnt in the past week and a half. Hopefully I will be much better soon! S is also super nice and helpful; she's so great! I really love nice people.

Also screw all the people judging me for having this job.
I hate answering questions like "Why are you doing this job" blah blah.
I know it may be a kind of stupid mindset but at least one of my best friends said to me this:
"Going to uni is to get a job, but you already have a job"

Although it may not be an amazing job with good pay, I am at least employed for now and getting some money. Perhaps later I will find a better job, or maybe a job in the field that I studied, but right now I am not, so that's that.

Had dinner with my boyfriend today. We were originally going to have Korean BBQ at Mrs. Kim's Grill in Carnegie but they were booked out until 8.30PM so we headed to the city instead and ate at WooGa.

WooGa is one of the Korean restaurants on Victoria Street. There are like 5 Korean restaurants on that one street, literally next to each other - crazy. Anyway, we went there and ordered 2 meats, 2 rice and one cold noodles (mool naengmyun). We got the beef ribs (galbi) and scotch fillet (deung shim).

banchan is lyf


galbi + uncooked scotch fillet

meat doesn't look very appetizing but it was yum


Service was good, and food was good. The interior was quite nice. I really liked the kimchi hahaha and the meat. The cold noodles were apparently hand made and their 'soup' had honey in it. David really liked it, but I think I prefer the soup to be more 'vingear-y' (sour) like at SU:T and Wine, but honestly that's probably because that is what I'm used to cold noodles tasting like hahaha.

Anyway, now we only have one more Korean restaurant left to try - Hallah LOL We will try that next time! We are on our mission to try KBBQ all over Melbourne and to find the best cold noodles!! Hahaha - SU:T and Wine is still the best so far for cold noodles.

Also, why are people so embarrassed to stand up and take a photo? I'm not hahahha.

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015
9:57 PM
Wish people would stop judging me for where I work.
Wish people would stop saying "What about your degree?"
Wish people would stop saying "You're not going to be there forever right?"

So what if it has nothing to do with my degree.
So what if I will be there forever.

I may not have high aims but this is already a big step for me.
Don't try to make me feel bad about myself when I don't even feel bad about myself... yet.


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Sunday, February 22, 2015
11:07 PM
My first day off after starting my new job.

Box Hill: Hair cut, lunch
I went with David to get his hair cut at Hair Lover - it's really short now and looks pretty good imo (especially at the back hahha). We had lunch at Food Republik. I didn't really feel like eating much because I was really tired. I got a hot white coffee and also some xiao long bao. David got some chicken noodles. We shared, the xiao long bao, but I didn't really feel like eating his noodles so yeah.

After that we walked around Box Hill and went to Missha to buy a gift for Amy as it was her 20th birthday about a week ago. The girl called Hannah who works there is REALLY NICE AND HELPFUL. She's not even Korean but she works there, and when we asked her lots of questions she seemed really knowledgable and recommended us stuff! Ah, good customer service is seriously awesome - I hope I can be like that when I know all my shit.

Speaking about customer service, at the Giordano store in Box Hill today, I was looking at clothes whilst waiting for David who had gone to the toilet. I was tired as heck and spine was weak so I had my elbow resting on top of a pile of jeans whilst I was texting Yinnie to ask if she wanted one of the shirts. I seriously wasn't even doing anything bad, and the lady is like "Do you need any help?"
Me: "No, I'm okay"
Her: "Okay"... "Excuse me"
SO I move aside and SHE FUCKING "FIXES" the pile of jeans.

Hurrrrrr what is her problem seriously, I was just resting my elbow on them, not like they were falling or any fucking shit... -.-'''''''

After that we headed to the city because we didn't know what else to do. David drove and we parked near ACO. I suggested that we walk until the "Free Tram Zone".. but turns out the last stop on the Free Tram Zone is Melbourne Central, so we ended up walking all the way there FML

We went to the Emporium and I bought some stuff from MUJI and we went to check UNIQLO for one of the T-shirts that David wanted to get. Unfortunately there were none in his size. We sat down and talked for a while until deciding to head to Oriental Spoon Story 2 (which is the one on Elizabeth St) to have dinner. It was David's first time there, and my second - although this time they had SO many new things on the menu.

We decided to try scotch fillet kimchi hot pot. It was really filling, damn it we always overfill ourselves :( Next time I want to try the cream sauce ddeokbokki though - I'm curious about the taste and whether it is the same as the 'carbonara ddeokbokki' at Arisoo (which is delicciousss).

Thank you for spending your one day off with me oppigu!!!!! >3<

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12:10 PM
Last day of the working week. It was better because people were interested in helping me. I am grateful and happy. I still haven't improved much but I will keep trying... I think. I am just glad that I finally get to rest and that it kind of ended on a good note.

my lunch

Before dinner:
Had dinner with friends in Box Hill. Luckily I had prepared some clothes in the morning and brough them in a bad. I changed into them and put on some lipstick. I looked pretty good (IMO).. from what I could see from the reflection of windows LOL David and I took a massage on the massage chairs whilst waiting for friends to arrive.

weee $2 massages!

Upon arrival Kathy said I looked pretty.
I said "I know" hahaha.
I am conceited most of the time LOL

Tried a Taiwanese restaurant called The Booth. Food was not bad. I liked the pippies and also deep fried oysters best. My taro milkshake was also SOOO NICE AND SMOOTH! I like taro flavoured drinks but I like them blended instead of chunks :3

pan fried pork dumplings

seafood dumplings

meat thing

beef wrap thing

taro milkshake

After dinner went to Time Out arcade across the road. We played some smashing game thing ROFL I don't know what it's called. After that I played car racing. First I vs-ed David and Eva (who played on manual), and I won! And then I vs-ed all the girls: Kathy, Ellie and Eva again (who was still on manual). It was a really intense game and we were all really close, every time there was a bend in the road they would overtake and I would become last ;A; but somehow.. in the last 300m I managed to beat Eva who was coming first.. ahhh.. seriously I was really happy and proud of myself GAHAHAH but Eva did so well playing on manual mode.. not that it's even really manual??? I do not understand how it works cuz there is no clutch pedal even?

We were about to play pool after going to the arcade but everyone ditched so David, Nelson and I who had actually gone to the pool place, went home. I had a lot of fun :3

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Saturday, February 21, 2015
7:03 AM
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Friday, February 20, 2015
8:40 AM
Third day only. I feel dead. Today was not too bad but it was very quiet which made me feel awkward because I didn't know what to do. I cleaned glasses all afternoon.

Met the other owner for the first time, he is very friendly. Also Y2 worked today. He is very nice and asked me a lot of questions he also mentioned that he likes kdramas and that I should recommend some to him hahahahha notsureifsrs.

Overall shift was alright. I did fuck up a few times but I've learnt from my mistakes sort of. Hurrrr I am tired. 2 more days until the "weekend". 

Also I should open my red packets.. That should brighten my day.
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Wednesday, February 18, 2015
10:55 PM
New Job: DAY 2
Today is only the second day but it was much better. I had more of a sense of what to do and did achieve some things. I am still a noob at talking and I don't know what to do 99.99% of the time, but I try - sort of. It's nice when people are willing to help you and teach you instead of pretty much ignore you and your existence hurrrr.

I did a lot of things today, and I am proud to say that I can officially pick up the phone! I showed off to Y, who laughed and said it was simple. Y is my favourite person at the store right now because he talks to me and helps me a lot. T is my second favourite and she takes care of me a lot and guides me and gives me opportunity to learn. Actually they are all really nice people.. which is good.

The terrible first day still has me :S and since T won't be here tomorrow to look after me I am very scared. The first day was somewhat traumatising and I felt useless as fuck with no one giving me ANY direction at all (because they had no time to). Today was definitely a better experience but thinking about tomorrow is hurrrrrrrrrrrr.

I can't wait until I am pro so I won't have to rely on people and will just be able to handle everything myself.... but at the same time I do not want to be responsible for being good and not making mistakes. LIFE IS SO HARD.

Btw, did I mention that I work with Mr.Yang's son.
Yes, Mr.Yang.
Yes, the Chinese teacher from high school.
Small world right? lolzzzz

After work
It's Chinese NYE, so of course I ate out with family. There were 14 people - we barely fit around the table. Food was good, lobster noodles were delicious. I didn't overfill myself. I was of course dead from work and my feet hurt so much right now. We of course got red packets! I can't wait to open them tomorrow!

Can't be bothered uploading photos because they weren't even good. Might update when I have time (which is not now). I also drove to Grandpa's house after dinner although there were some mishaps which could have resulted in accidents if there were cars, but luckily it was clear.

Father still trusted me to drive home after, but luckily I took a lot of care and did an excellent job if I may say so myself. Hopefully I can keep on improving and take care when driving.

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015
10:28 PM
Incredibly tired from today. Not sure what I did for 8.5 hours. Somewhat disappointed.
Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day, but that also depends on me.
Hair is still wet but it's time to sleep. Sigh.


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7:35 AM
Today I woke up really early because I had to meet KIMBAP at Melbourne Central at 10am and had planned to meet Megan and Lily at GW station to take the train together.

I was going to catch a ride with father because he had to take Vicky to school but turns out THEY were the ones getting a ride from me hahaha. I drove Vicky to school and dropped her off because parking would be impossible for a noob like me and then we proceeded to GW station. It was my first time driving in such congested traffic and my first time taking a passenger other than father. It was kind of thrilling.

The good thing about learning is that you don't have to worry about finding full day parking hahaha. I got to the station really early and Matt and Megan arrived just in time - Lily missed the train but of course we were kind enough to get off at the next station and wait for her.

Net up with everyone and then split off to various Asian grocery stores. I paired with Megan (ofc) and later Eva joined us. The reason for coming to the city was to get food items for o week show bags. We ended up having to purchase the chocopies because they were cheapest at the store meg and I went to - but luckily due to Eva's Cantonese skills we got a small discount as well! After that we went to print out the brochures at Officeworks qv - it was my first time there.

Lunch was at Hakata Gensuke. It is a somewhat new Japanese ramen restaurant near Chinatown and it's super popular! There is always a line outside even though they only have 4 dishes on the menu.

I decided to go for the Signature Tonkatsu ramen. It was very tasty. I tried a bit of Kathy's Black Tonkatsu which has black sesame but I didn't really like it hahha. We also got gyoza to share but they were tiny!

After that I dragged everyone with me to buy a pair of business shoes/flats for my first day of work tomorrow. I felt really bad dragging everyone and I was s bit pressured to purchase - thank god for Megan, Kathy and Matt who helped me with the shoe choosing! Ty guys. I ended up purchasing a $140 pair of flats from Mountfords l o l - they are comfy and kind of cute. Hopefully they are worth the price hahaha. We actually had to travel to the Lt. Collins St store because Burke St. didn't have my size.... Sighhhh US3 UK5 is pretty hard to find 😔

I purchased them even though I was not completely satisfied. I felt really bad for dragging peope around but the good thing is, I tried them on at home and they are pretty good! Anyway after the purchase we went to T by LuxBite on Flinders Ln. Hurrrrr everyone ditched us and took the tram whilst Lily, Megan and I were lost so ended up walking all the way there. I was dead tired.

I don't really like fancy desserts. There was also no tables so we sat outside and folded out brochures. After that we headed home and Lily gave me a ride home. Ty Lily.

Tomorrow my new job starts, I am scared as f!!!!!! Cries.

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Monday, February 16, 2015
12:09 AM
Yesterday was Valentines Day. It was my second V-day with David and the first time we have celebrated on the day - last year he was busy in Geelong so we celebrated like a week or two later. Anyway, David had work on Valentines Day, and we weren't having a romantic dinner together at some fancy restaurant because:
1. He hadn't organised it by the time my mom asked whether we wanted to eat at home together
2. I kind of wanted to eat at home (because my mom mades awesome food - and its FREE LOL)

David came after work, and surprised me with a bunch of red and pink roses. The family dinner was happening because another guest was coming - the son of my father's friend. He had just come to Melbourne to study and of course it was only right for us to invite him for dinner as he did not really know anyone else in Melbourne.

roses :3

ANYWAY, turns out... his English name is also David. HAHAHAHA.. so confusing. I guess I will call my David 'oppa'. Oppa also got me a Valentines Day gift which he actually had prepared ages ago. He told me that it was "embarrassing", which is definitely not a good sign. I hate embarrassing things, I even hate being embarrassed in front of my boyfriend. Hurrrrrr, the present was definitely embarrassing. I have no idea how he even thought it was a good idea LOL.

Basically.. he got me like huge canvas prints of some photos. I guess it is sweet, but where the hell am I going to hang that? Maybe when/if we are married we can hang them around LOL It's the thought that counts.. if he thought it was such a good idea, he can keep them LOL

Well I guess what I made for him isn't any better. I made some 'chocolate huggers'. After much Pinterest researching I found this idea HAHAHAHA Yinnie told me to print out the template, but I decided not to because I need to 'get my creative juices running' and also use my own style and design. I made them with Vicky hahhaha. It's fun to do crafts together. I quite liked my end results even though it was kind of lame. The bad thing is, the chocolates were melting because it was so hot - like 30+ degrees, so when I tried to blutack the arms on the chocolates it sank in LOL

message hugger!



Dinner was good because my mom made yummy food. After that we headed to Box Hill's Chinese New Year Festival. It was nothing special but I think the first time that David and I have been to a CNY festival together, and the first time that David has been to the Box Hill one. It is very mediocre - all the rides look so old that they could break down any minute. We got some beef (honey & chilli) and pork (honey) jerky to share - the pork tastes better.



I also tried to find some Korean dramas with Chinese subtitles/dubbing, which they usually have I think, but there was none. There were only K-dramas with ENGLISH subtitles.. hurrr y they do dis. I want to buy some for my mom because she really enjoys watching stuff whilst she sews. I guess I will have to buy it at Springvale or something LOL.. so many dramas I want her to watch XD

After that we went home because there was nothing much else.

On Valentines Day in general:
To be honest, I do not think that Valentines is really anything special because it is not even a special day in OUR relationship. But yet it is a day that every couple celebrates and some people are even willing to spend hundreds of dollars on it?! Since it is not that important to me.. I just went back to the basic idea that Valentines Day is when the girl gives the guy chocolates... that's why I made the chocolate huggers. And they are cute imo LOL

I don't have anything against V-day, I mean I would like to spend the day with my boyfriend doing couply stuff as well, but I would rather spend my precious gift ideas and money on more important dates tbh HAHAHAHA Especially the gift ideas.. hURRRRRRRR I HATE GETTING GIFTS FOR GUYS.


15th Feb 2015
Today was the first time in a while that David and I were actually able to have LUNCH together. I took the bus to Glen in the morning so that David wouldn't have to come and pick me up, especially because he had only just started getting ready when I got on the bus. I went to JB Hi-Fi and got some printer ink and David met up with me there. After that we headed to the city.

We managed to find a FREE parking spot next to Flagstaff Gardens (YAY) and we walked in the heat to D House Cafe, where we were going to have lunch. We got popcorn chicken and baked rice as usual, and also some wonton noodles this time. It was too much. Service here is pretty shit and the bowls are quite dirty, but I guess this is the price you pay for 'cheap' food. Oh well.

ice milk tea ONLY $2!

After lunch we were on the hunt for a white shirt. I am starting my new job on Tuesday and I need some white shirts. We went to Target, and nothing my size. We headed to Uniqlo, and there were 2 that were okay, but the sleeves were too long. Nothing I can do, so I bought them both... $70, also bought a singlet thing so that my bra won't be visible under the white shirt - $10. HURRRRR. Oh well. Uniqlo is pretty nice. THE SERVICE IS FUCKING AMAZING, I CANNOT. THEY BRING YOU TO THE DAMN CHANGE ROOMS AND GET RID OF ALL THE FKN TAGS AND SHIT, DAMN THEY ARE AWESOME! They are also so nice and friendly even though I am awkward as hell. They nice.....

Anyway, David also bought a WHOLE NEW OUTFIT LOL He actually rushed out of the house to get to the Glen (god knows why), and wore jeans and a really tight t-shirt... which was killing him on this 33 degree day. He was like pulling the damn shirt down the whole day, I'm like: STOP THAT. So yeah, we bought a nice navy polo from Uniqlo and also some beige shorts. I am a damn stylist because it went very well with his Lacoste shoes. David mostly looks good with navy.

After Uniqlo:
Anyway, after that, we went to Victoria's Secret to buy a birthday present for Amy because it is her birthday tomorrow! We got a mist which smells really nice and fruity. I prefer fruit smells rather than floral, but I actually don't even wear perfume - deodorant only. David asks me why LOL Ceebs smells, also don't have any perfumes and would probs ceebs even if I did have some LOL.

After that we were dead tired. We sat outside Top Shop on these chairs and just relaxed. By this time it was somehow like 5PM already. We had walked around a lot. I actually want some Nike shoes because they look comfy and also stylish. Hurrrrr, my feet hurt.

I wasn't even hungry but it was dinner time. I was dying of thirst and actually wanted some orange juice (I always want either Solo or orange juice), so we went to grab dinner... at Oriental Spoon. We decided to get a fish cake casserole. It was very.. fishcake-y and looked so damn good, but we could only eat like half. Who knew fish balls/ fish cake could be so filling! I got some lemon squash because I kind of wanted something fizzy, and David got Coke Zero. We also got some takoyaki for entree, which were pretty yummy.

lawl u wish your eyes were that big

The banchan (side dishes) were okay, but I felt that the kimchi wasn't sour enough for me.. still tasted good though. The fish cake casserole was very mediocre, but at least it was only $37. Most of the casseroles were under $40, which is normal price... at least it's not over priced. The presentation was so good, and I think the other times I have eaten here, the food is pretty good. Would recommend. Service is also quite attentive although they do seem a little under staffed for such a big restaurant, but they are friendly.

Romantic strolls in the park
HAHAHAHA Yes, it has been so long since we have done this, but I guess we need this since it's been so long since we have been on a 'date' longer than just dinner. We walked back to the car, and put our shopping back and then just had a stroll around Flagstaff Gardens.

There were quite a lot of people around: people playing with their dogs, couples lying down, people sitting on benches reading etc. We walked along the paths and talked about a lot of stuff. It felt like a really long time since I had talked to David properly and without a lot of people around.

something wrong with ur eyes or....? sigh..

Even yesterday on Valentines Day we did not really enjoy it as a couple, but I guess today was to make up for it. I am glad that we had the stroll in the park because it lifted up my whole mood and is rejuvenating our relationship. After dinner I thought we were just going to head home, but David suddenly suggested this, and I guess the fact that it was such a great surprise suggestion made me so happy LOL Thanks oppigu.

After that we headed home. I was quite talkative in the car on the way home, which is a good sign. The past few weeks I have been quite emotional and agro. At least I was good today. Also I must learn to treat people with more respect and not be so rude. Sometimes I say things that might hurt people's feelings and try to pass it off as a joke, but yeah. I am bad. I will try to correct myself.

The Sunday that I had been waiting for was very great. Although we didn't even do anything apart from eating and shopping, it was just good being with my boyfriend and enjoying each others' company. Although I have much to improve and so many wrongs to correct, my flaws did not ruin today. Thank you oppa for always being patient, loving and caring, and letting me be selfish and unreasonable most of the time. I will be a better person with time, I hope. i l y.

Oh yeah and I am also extremely nervous to start my new job T_T

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Friday, February 13, 2015
1:13 AM
Today I went out again. I am making the most of my 'freedom' before my full time job starts. It was a catch up lunch at Mister Fox. Lily picked me up at around 12.40PM. Before that I was working on my little project for Chen as well as working on the teaser video for KIMBAP. I was conflicted as whether to wear makeup or not but decided to wear it since, as my mom says, I am a 'big girl now and have to wear makeup'. The unfortunate thing is that my face was pretty dry especially around my nose and lips because of my constant tissue uses from my runny nose so putting the BB Cream made it look flaky :(

Lunch - Mister Fox:
Anyway, Lily and I arrived a little early so we waited outside, chatted for a bit and watched people play golf. Mister Fox is located next to a golf course. Soon after Michael arrived and we went inside to get a table. We chatted a bit and decided our meals. Jane arrived, and then Kathy.

menus & frankie magazine & face mask from lily!

We mostly ordered the 'specials': Sweet potato risotto, barramundi, beef burger, tandoori chicken wraps. I also ordered a strawberry milkshake, Jane and Lily both got iced chocolates, and Kathy and Michael were more 'posh' with their tea pots. Food took a little while to arrive but at least we know it is fresh.

michae's acacia tea (?)

kathy's english breakfast tea

iced chocolate & strawberry milkshake

chicken wraps

sweet potato risotto

barramundi fillet

organic beef burger

We chatted whilst we waited and then a bit more whilst we ate. The risotto tasted weird, and my favourite were the chips that came with the burger. The chicken wraps and fish were also quite nice. Unfortunately for us, it seemed two BEES were also very interested in our meals and kept flying near us. We were so scared. I ran away a few times, and we really made a big fuss. The other tables around us (with old grandmas) were probably annoyed by us, but what could we do. The waitresses did nothing but smile at us. Luckily we managed to finish most of our food and then we decided to move inside for dessert.

We got a Nutella ice cream sandwich. It was... very sweet. Kathy and Michael fighting over pouring the berries was funny haha. We chatted more and we somehow got onto the topic of weddings and I showed them my Wedding Pinterest board. We also talked about a lot of other stuff, and I played with my serviette whilst we chatted. I've realised that I am incredibly fiddly. I was like tearing my serviette and wrapping it around my finger, and like making little pieces into balls and everything LOL


after (pouring berries on)

After lunch:
At around 3.30 we left, and Lily gave me a lift to Knox City SC. I bought some necessities for my project and then mom picked me up. I worked on the project at home for a bit and then David called and we talked on the phone. We talk on the phone everyday - but today was the first time in a long time that we didn't fight LOL We decided to have dinner out together because he is the best and is willing to see me even though his assignment is due tomorrow.

He said he would get to my house around 6.45 and it was about 6.10 already. Dad decided to take me out to practice driving. We just went around High St Rd, Stud Rd, Burwood Highway. The usual. I find it quite scary when there is a car behind you because I'm scared that they won't stop enough when I step on my brakes and hit me - especially when I'm going around a round about. WHY CAN'T CARS JUST KEEP THEIR DISTANCE LOL

Dinner - Kang Na Roo:
Anyway I went home and David was already there. Mom had made some zucchini soup (YUM) and we drank it. We then headed to Clayton and ate at Kang Na Roo. I had already said LAST TIME that I would never go there again because it is SO EXPENSIVE, but hurrr, I guess you forget when you don't go often. We will definitely try Hudadak next time when we are in the area - hopefully it is less expensive!

I actually felt like "something soupy" which means a hot pot stew/casserole or a soup. Unfortunately all the hot pots seemed so big, and the small sized ones didn't appeal to me. I was upset but thankfully David was awesome and accommodated to my moodiness. We decided to NOT get something soupy, and to get it next time. I was a bit sad but it was the best option. We got a dolsot bibimbap, mool naengmyun (cold noodles) and haemul jeon (seafood pancake).

seafood pancake

side dishes


cold noodles (mool naengmyun)

mixed bibimbap

sharing everything into small bowls

I am SO full now. I cannot move.
I am so tired.
Tomorrow is my last day of work at Straits.

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